b'Wood-HandledPuncher & HolderCrafted with careful attention to quality, the handle of our Wood-Handled Puncher is grooved to provide a sure grip. It is the same diameter as a pencil, so using the puncher helps develop the small muscle groups needed forAholding a pencil. Wood handle is 2" long; metal tip is " long. Punching Supplies The varnished wood Puncher Holder Children love the repetition of punching tiny holesstores up to five punchers. See p. 2.in paper for various art projects. They can traceWood-Handled Puncher EachA310$4.50geometric shapes or puzzle map pieces, thenPuncher Holder 2" x 2"A3137.50perforate around the edges to punch out the shape. Or they can trace stencils, then punch out designs for seasonal artwork. Ages 5+ with supervision. Felt Pads for PunchingThis " thick felt provides cushioning under paperPuncher Pack when perforating map outlines, geometric shapes, or Save when you order this set (shown above).artwork with the Wood-Handled Puncher (A310, above). Set includes: 5 Punchers (A310), Puncher HolderVirtually impossible to penetrate, the Felt Pads will B(A313), 3 Small Felt Pads (A321), and 2 Largeprotect tabletops.Felt Pads (A323). See p. 2. Small 5" sq.A321$2.95 Crayon RocksA317$45.00SAVE Large 11" x 8"A3234.95 Made from renewable soybean wax tinted with natural mineral powders, these crayons can help children develop and strengthen the pincer grip needed to control a pencil. The soft soy wax blends well, much like oil pastels. Crayons are approximately 1". 1 each of 16 colors in a velvety drawstring bag, or 4 of each color in a cardboard box. Ages 3+.!iA. 16 PiecesA275$ 8.95B. 64 PiecesA27828.95Spill-Proof Paint Pots Primary Shape TemplatesThese 10 translucent plastic Paint Pots (3" base; 3"These appealing translucent templates invite high) allow flexibility when choosing colors. Inverted conechildren to refine their pencil control as they inserts give artists a neat place to wipe excess paintexplore the relationships between different from brushes. Lids keep paint fresh. Ages 2+. shapes and sizes. Tracing, drawing, and World Colors 27 Colored EcoPencils combining simple shapes to Set of 10A26$15.50 With three dual-tipped pencils in six blendable skin tones,make a picture is a favorite this set was specially formulated to celebrate diversity andopen-ended art activity self-expression. Crafted from certified sustainable wood andfor young children. non-toxic pigments, these pencils make a welcome additionIncludes 5 large to art, culture, and language projects. Includes 27 pencils (33plastic templates colors total). Ages 3+.and instructions with A192$8.95activity ideas. Largest shape is 7" x 4".More colored pencils in Language on p. 59.Ages 4+.5 Pieces All-In-One EaselA38$8.95Drawing, painting, writingthis versatile, wooden easel has plenty of space for creative expression. Adjust the height from 37" to 43".Features include: ChalkboardMagnetic whiteboard Starter paper roll (enough for 2-3 paintings)Paper tear stripFixed tray with three paint cupsChalk ledgeAdult assembly required. Ages 3+.! iAll-in-One EaselA75$84.95Replacement Paper Roll 15" x 64 feet (shown online)A767.95! WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.MontessoriServices.com877-975-3003 Art Materials53'