b'Let Out Puncher Packthe Sunshine Save when you order this set (shown right). A MontessoriSet includes: 5 Punchers (A312), Puncher Approach to Holder (A313), 3 Small Felt Pads (A321), and Creative Art2 Large Felt Pads (A323). See p. 2.Activities A317$38.50SAVEBefore we can run, we learn to walk. Practical skills become the tools for creative work. This guide will help adults help children develop theWood-Handled Punching Suppliespractical skills needed to unleash their creativity.Puncher & Holder Children love the repetition of punching tiny With a Montessori-style approach (one child at aCrafted with careful attention toholes in paper for various art projects. They time), author Regina Barnett shows how to presentquality, the handle of our Wood- can trace geometric shapes or puzzle map five basic skills: cutting, gluing, modeling, crayoning,Handled Puncher is groovedpieces, then perforate around the edges and painting. Each activity includes step-by-stepto provide a sure grip. It isto punch out the shape. Or they can trace procedures, lists of materials, and extension projects.the same diameter asstencils, then punch out designs for seasonal Spiral-bound paperback, 170 pages. Activities fora pencil, so using theartwork. Ages 5+ with supervision.ages 26. puncher helps develop A105$25.00 the small muscle groupsFelt Pads for Punchingneeded for holding aThis " thick felt provides cushioning under paperpencil. Wood handle is 2" long;when perforating map outlines, geometric shapes, or Paste & Glue Accessories metal tip is " long. The varnished wood Puncherartwork with the Wood-Handled Puncher (A310, left). More control over where theHolder stores up to five punchers. See p. 2. Virtually impossible to penetrate, the Felt Pads will sticky stuff goes increasesWood-Handled Puncherprotect tabletops.the likelihood of a positive EachA310$ 3.00 Small 5" sq.A321$2.95art experience. Children Set of 5A312 15.00 Large 11" x 8"A3234.95invert the bottle and pressA Puncher Holder 2" x 2"A3137.00the Tap-N-Glue Cap on the right spot and squeeze to dispense a precise amount of glue. Screw the cap on your glue bottle or use ours,Bwhich holds 4 oz. and is 5" high. (Glue not included.)!Neatly distribute paste (or glue) with flexible, plastic Paste & Glue Spreaders. Set ofC10; assorted colors. 4" long. Brilliantcolors!A. Tap-N-Glue Cap onlyA42C$2.25B. Tap-N-Glue Cap & BottleA423.50C. Paste & Glue Spreader SetA437.50 Organic BeeswaxCrayon BlocksSmooth, brilliant, and incredibly long-lasting, these block-shaped crayons are Leaf Rubbing Plates ideal for young children who have not yet Reveal the image of a leaf by placing paper overmastered a proper pencil grip. Children can one of the plastic plates and gently rubbingalso use them to make texture rubbings. with crayons or pastels. Beeswax Crayon BlocksTheyre hand-poured and free of petroleum (A172 or A173, right) work splendidly. Theseand paraffin. Made from non-toxic soybean rubbing plates feature leaf shapes from 16 treewax (25%) and organic beeswax (75%). 1" x varieties. The finished artwork is perfect for1" long.! icards, decorations, stationary, or gift wrap. Set8 Pieces (shown online)A172$17.50comes with ideas and activities. Each plate is12 PiecesA17322.954" x 5". Ages 5+. Finger Paints Set 18 Pieces A185$13.95Introduce children to the pure expressive joy of finger painting! This timeless, hands-on (fingers, really!) artPrimary ShapeTemplatesexperience is now less messy than ever. These squeezableThese appealing translucent templates invite tubes make paint application more precise while keepingchildren to refine their pencil control as it moist. Children learn about color mixing as the huesthey explore the relationships between blend and change. Washes off most surfaces easily. Setdifferent shapes and sizes. Tracing, includes: 6 tubes of paint (2.5 fluid oz. each) and projectdrawing, and combining simple shapes ideas. Ages 3+, younger with adult assistance. to make a picture is a favorite open-Finger Paints Set A250$12.95 ended art activity for young children. Jumbo Finger Paint Paper 25 sheets; 14" x 11" Includes 5 large plastic templates and (shown online)A25112.00 instructions with activity ideas. Largest shape is 7" x 4". Ages 4+.! WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD5 PiecesA38$9.75Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.MontessoriServices.com877-975-3003 Art Materials53'