b'Tasting & Smelling Sorting & GradingThree waysto sort!Tasting Bottles & Tray Size SortCover the spectrum of the four basic tastes: salty (salt water), sweet (sugar water), sour (lemon juice), and bitter (diluted almond or bitter chocolate extract). The finished hardwood tray (10" x 4" overall; 1" high) has four pairs of " deep insets to hold the 1-oz. bottles. Tray edges extendColor Sort Shape Sortfor easy carrying. Color-code the matching pairs with the adhesive dots (included) for control of error. The amberSize/Color/Shape Sortingglass hides the color of the liquid, and the glass droppersReinforce the idea that solids come in different sizes, clean easily. Ages 36. colors, and shapes. After sorting by size (with theSorting Beads ActivitySet includes: labels) children can sort this open-ended activity bySort wooden beads by shape, size, or texture. Encourage 4 Glass Eye Droppers with Black Caps (J72)Hardwood Trayany color or shape they perceivemany wonderfulchildren to feel the differences between the five styles4 Glass Eye Droppers with White CapsAdhesive Dotsvariations, all correct! Ages 3+.!some have facets, some are rounded, some are big, some 8 Amber Glass Bottles (J80) Set includes: are small. Add challenge by sorting blindfolded! Five each of Tasting Bottles & TrayY70$42.00 3 Durable Labels18 Items to Sortfive styles; "1". Ages 36.!Tasting Bottles onlySmall Round Plastic Basket (K30)Presentation Ideas Set includes:8 Bottles & Droppers (4 caps of each color) SC881$9.95 Small Round Bamboo BasketY7211.50 Felt Mat (X603) 25 Assorted Beads (Y08)Sorting Beads ActivitySM02$16.9525-Piece Sorting Beads onlyY088.95Smelling Bottles & Trays Rough & Smooth SortPresent three pairs of scents at a time, or all six together.This activity gives children a chance to exercise The easy-open, amber glass bottles wont absorb the scentsfamiliar sensorial vocabulary (rough, smooth) as theyBeads may vary.and the " openings make it easy to change the scents.sort items of varying textures under the appropriate Color-code the matching pairs with adhesive dots (included)label. Ages 3+. Items may vary.!for control of error. The finished hardwood trays (8" x 4";Set includes:1" high) have edges that extend for carrying. To mask the2 Durable Labelssource of the scent, place cotton balls soaked with juice or6 Rough & 6 Smooth Items to Sort Elliptical Plastic Basket (K26)extract inside the bottle, or wrap herbs or spices in cheesePresentation Ideascloth. Ages 36.! SC882$5.50Set includes:6 Amber Glass Bottles with White Caps2 Hardwood Trays 6 Amber Glass Bottles with Black CapsAdhesive DotsSmelling Bottles & TraysY201$74.00 Making Sense of the WorldSmelling Bottles only Montessori designed her Sensorial 12 Bottles (6 caps of each color)Y20318.95 materials so each isolates a single sensory quality (e.g., color, sound, taste), which allows childrenNuts & Bolts Setto explore a material in termsFor use as a combination sorting and manipulative exercise, this set includes three of differences, similarities, andbolts in graded sizes: 3", 2", and 1" long. Each gradations. Then children learn thebolt is fitted with a washer, a hex nut, a lock vocabulary for their experienceswasher, and a wing nut. If children start with (e.g., yellow, loud, bitter). With thisassembled sets, they can take them apart and sort them either by item (all bolts together, preparation, children can proceedwashers together, etc.) or by size (all the parts with confidence into the world-at- of one set together), and then reconstruct.large, better able to explore whateverAges 36.!they encounter. 15 PiecesY20$4.95 WARNING: Cancer or birth defectswww.P65Warnings.ca.gov! WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.MontessoriServices.com877-975-3003 Sensorial Resources47'