b'Nurturing the Spirit Montessori for a Better WorldIn Non-Sectarian Classrooms,This collection of lectures and writings expresses the 20th Anniversary Editionconviction that the intrinsic goal of Maria Montessoris Since 1996, this volume has enabled countlesseducational method is to create a better world. The teachers and parents to bring Maria Montessoris chapters on peace, spirituality, cosmic citizenship, and vision of a better world into their lives. Asconsumerism provide a modern-day interpretation of Montessori observed children, they revealedMontessori philosophy, while also offering hope for to her that nothing worthwhile will develop ifthe future of Montessori education and the world. ByJust add spirituality is neglected. A valuable synthesisAline D. Wolf. From Parent Child Press. Paperback, water!of Montessoris most compelling ideas about174 pages.NEW!Buddha Boardchildrens spiritual needs, author Aline D. WolfR235$12.00SALE Using only water, brush strokes become black as ink offers practical suggestions for deepening oneswhen children "paint" on this special canvas. Then, own spirituality and sense of community. as the water slowly evaporates, the art will magically Includes small group discussion questions anddisappear leaving a clean canvas, ready for a new an interview with the author. From Parent Child masterpiece. Inspired by the Zen idea of living in the Press. Paperback. i moment, this item will last for years with proper care. English 212 pages R86 $15.00 Includes board (12" x 9"; " thick), bamboo paintbrush, Spanish 157 pagesR818.00SALEand clever plastic base that serves as a stand, a brush holder, and a water receptacle. Ages 4+, with careful presentation; younger with supervision. A264 $38.95Peace CraneChopstick Rest Download a Though this lovely porcelaintemplate from our origami crane is intended website to make to be a chopstick rest, additional leaves.placed upon a table orshelf it becomes a simple messenger of peace. Perfectfor a peace table or as a gift for staff. 2" sq.Cretan Tabletop Labyrinth EachC272$1.95 Long used as a meditation and prayer tool,6 or moreC272tracing a labyrinth path is calming for adults1.75SAVE and children. This personal finger labyrinth is perfect for your peace table. Cast in a lightweight resin-based material with a cast iron finish, this ancient 7-circuit Cretan Labyrinth design was once used on Cretan coins. 7" in dia. x ". Ages 4+. Gratitude TreeC290 $68.00 Encourage thankfulness with this simple visual reminder. The slotted wooden tree slides together to make a free-standing Want to know all aboutsculpture (9 high x 10 wide overall). labyrinths? 108 Ways to UseChildren write messages of gratitude Labyrinths in Schools (R42) on the small paper leaves (2 x ) is a wonderful resource. and then insert them in the slots on the Find it online. branches. Young children may wish to dictate to an adult, while older children can write independently. Includes the tree and 128 leaves. Ages 3+.!! WARNING: CHOKING HAZARDR258$18.95Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.Bulk pricing online.96 Education for PeaceMontessoriServices.com877-975-3003'