b'Tools & WoodworkingBoards of EducationDesigned by a Montessori teacher to aid the development of eye-hand coordination while teaching a practical skill. Separate compartments hold the driver and the bolts (after the child has removed them). The bolts screw into durable metal sleeves that prevent stripping. Boards measure 10" x 4"; 1" high. Sets include one board, one driver, and bolts. Ages 3+. Woodshop for Kids 52 Woodworking Projects Kids Can BuildEverything you need to know to get children using real tools to build real projects. A process-oriented perspective Hex Bolt Boardand step-by-step organization make this a refreshing This is the easiest of the three boards because theguide for working safely and successfully with children. driver covers the nut and will not slip. 4 hexagonal- Written by a master woodworker, this guide presents the headed bolts and a 7" Hex Nut Driver.! skills needed to complete projects, along with tool and Hex Bolt Board V06$35.00 shop vocabulary, safety, and skill presentation tips.4 Extra Bolts only V06A 1.25 Simple to quite complex projects. Paperback, 201 pages. All 3 Boards of EducationHex Nut Driver onlyV06D 8.50 Ages 412.iSave when you order all three: Hex, Slotted, andV490$21.95Graded.!Set of 3 V12$99.75SAVE All 3 Extra Bolt SetsV12A 7.00SAVEIs it level?Graded Bolt BoardCompact Level The bolts are graded in diameter to create aThis professional, lightweight level features horizontal, more challenging exercise. 5 slotted bolts andvertical, and diagonal bubbles. Introduce the concept a 3" Stubby Screwdriver. Extra Bolts includesby using the level on a table or shelf; then confirm the 2 each of 5 sizes.! results by placing a marble or ball on the same surface and watching it roll (or not!). Sturdy plastic. 9" x 1". Slotted Bolt BoardGraded Bolt Board V10$35.00 Ages 4+. 10 Extra Bolts only V10A 5.004 slotted bolts of equal diameter and a 3" StubbyStubby Screwdriver onlyV08D3.95 V59$4.95Screwdriver. !Slotted Bolt Board V08 $35.00WARNING: Cancer or birth defects 4 Extra Bolts only V08A 1.25 www.P65Warnings.ca.govStubby Screwdriver onlyV08D 3.95Simple Machines BooksChildren will be fascinated to learn that many tools are simple machines. This series shows children how simple machines help make the work easier andSimple MachinesLet\'s Read- get the job done. Examples from everyday life letAnd-Find-Out Science-Level 2beginning readers observe basic physics concepts.Simple machines help us move, lift, cut, and more!Each book includes glossary, critical thinking questions,In a fun way, this story highlights practical examples and index. Paperback, 24 pages each. Ages 3-6. of familiar, everyday things: lever (seesaw), pulleyWheels and Axles SC264 (flagpole), wheel and axle (doorknob), ramp (stairs), WedgesSC263 wedge (axhead), and screw (spiral stairs). Includes PulleysSC261 glossary, experiments, and further research.LeversSC260 Paperback, 38 pages. Ages 48. Inclined PlanesSC259 SC179$8.95Screws SC262Each Title $7.95Simple Machines Book SetSet of 6 Books SC258 $47.5036 Practical Life - Tools & WoodworkingMontessoriServices.com877-975-3003'