b'A B CChild-Size Kitchen UtensilsChildren love to help! With these tools, they really can. The stainless steel Mini Masher is the perfect invitation to help mash potatoes for a Thanksgiving celebration or any special occasion! And children love the stainless steel Spring Whisk for whipping eggs or cream. The Beech Wood Spoon features a rounded bowl for easy scooping.Grain Mill Ages 3+. Children love turning a machine crank. Imagine their A. Mini Masher 6" longD108$4.75 delight when their efforts yield freshly ground flour B. Spring Whisk 7" longD3312.95they can use in a real recipe. Theyll be eager to taste Kitchen Tools Cloth Apron C. Beech Wood Spoon 8" longD357 3.95 the results, and theyll better understand where flour Adorned with whisks, sifters, rolling pins,and bread come from. This is a sturdy, well-made mill and more, this baking apron is as fun as it iswith adjustable settings (coarse to fine). Comes with functional. It slips over the head and closes innine lessons for exploring grains with children. Recipes front with a Velcro tab belt. Children can putincluded. 2-year manufacturers warranty.on and remove the apron all by themselves.3" x 2"; 13" highD752$84.00 Handmade of washable cotton/polyester. 12" wide; 20" long. Ages 36.D390$15.95 Mixing Bowl & SpoonWooden Perfectly suited for the young child, this Rolling PinNon-Slip Mixing Bowl features a pouring spout, a wide, Young children can roll dough easily with thiseasy-to-grasp, non-slip handle, and a weighted non-slip petite, professional rolling pin. The handlesbottom. 1.5-quart capacity. Dishwasher-safe plastic. Pair remain stationary as the cylinder glides overwith the Wooden Mixing Spoon. Ages 2+.the dough. Ball bearings ensure smooth andBowl 7" dia. at top; 4" deepD196$10.95 easy rolling. Cylinder is 7" x 1" dia. Ages 3+.Spoon 8" longD3972.2511" longD326$8.95 Stainless Steel Sifter Children will be fascinated by the workings of this child-size sifter. Smooth-turning crank with two wire agitators. Rust-resistant and easy-to-clean. 1 cup. Ages 3+. 3" base; 4" highD356$6.95Mini SiliconeScrapers/SpatulasFrom scooping and spreading peanut butter or jam to scraping batter from a bowl, this set is invaluable. The pointed tip reaches jar corners. Non-stick silicone is heat resistant Mini Measuring Beakers to 500F. Dishwasher-safe. 7" long. This set of four nesting beakers remindsAges 3+.us that cooking really is science!2 PiecesD483$4.95Calibrated in both standard cooking units and milliliters, each beaker has anCooking Class Global Feast!angled rim and spout. Easy to grasp,Inspire children to prepare and taste international with stable bases. Dishwasher-safeflavors with recipes from 44 countries around the plastic. 1 tsp., 1 tbs., 1 oz., and 2 oz.; eachglobe. Thoughtfully designed for novice chefs, thisVisit our website to find more Food cookbook includes helpful kitchen skill and tool tips, is 3" high. Ages 3+.step-by-step photo instructions, a pop-up passport,Preparation and Serving tools such as 4 PiecesSC846$10.95 stickers, and more. Spiral-bound paperback, 140our Red Silicone Whisk (D317). pages. Ages 5+ with adult supervision. D122$18.95 34 Practical Life - Food PreparationMontessoriServices.com877-975-3003'