b'Lacing, Weaving & Sewing10 spools & 20 buttons. Knitting Tower Peg LoomWeaving for BeginnersDiscover the pleasure of working with yarn! Wrap,With this lap loom, young children can easily weave a loop, and move yarn around the prongs to createpouch, small pillow, or tapestry. Instead of a shuttle, Threading Buttons & Spools a snake. There is a four-prong end for beginnerschildren use a blunt plastic needle to carry the yarn over An engaging variation on a favorite activity!and a six-prong end for the more experienced.and under the warp threads. Includes hardwood loom Childrens fingers get acquainted with theComes with a small skein of yarn (color may vary)with nylon pegs (7" x 10"), cotton warp string, needle, correct position for holding a pencil using the 2and instructions. 3" x 1" dia. Ages 6+. thick wool yarn in 6 rich colors, and instructions. Ages 6+, shoelace style laces (24"), 10 colorful spoolsV403$12.99 younger with adult assistance. (1" dia.), and 20 big wooden buttons (1" dia.).V54$28.99Ages 36.!V46 $12.99Wooden Beads& Laces These colorful beads will encourage children to string, string, and string some more! Great for sorting, patterning,Basket Weaving24 Basket Basesand other attribute work.Explore the ancient art of basket weaving! Practice Includes 108 beads in 3 shapesweaving skills to make a finished basket. The sturdy (sphere, cube, and cylinder)cardboard bases are cleverly designed with foldable in 6 assorted colors, and 2prongs that work easily with yarn, raffia, paper, and grass. laces with plastic tips. BeadsFinished baskets can be painted for added decoration.are approximately ". StorageFriendly LoomA satisfying experience. Includes 24 basket bases, eachcontainer is 12" high withPotholder Loom & Loops 5" dia. (Yarn not included.) Ages 5+. handle. Ages 3+.! Make something by hand! ThisV108$21.50 MA103$28.99 classic potholder loom has a sturdy metal frame with curved tines to keep the loops from sliding off. Weave the colorful cotton loops across the 7" sq. frame with the metal hook. The Friendly Loom includes frame, 2 hooks, instructions, and enough loops to make 2 potholders. Want to make more? Potholder Loops has enough for 2 and Rainbow Lotta Loops makes 6. Ages 6+, younger with adult assistance. Friendly Loom (includes loops)V300$19.99Potholder Loops only (2 potholders)V301 8.99Rainbow Lotta Loops only (6 potholders) V30319.99Wooden Multi-Craft LoomThis freestanding loom is perfect for a collaborative weaving project created by a group of children. After theyve learned the basics, children can make wall hangings for their classroom or school, or evenNEW!My Pom-Pom Friends donate something to a yearly fundraising auction.Everything needed (except scissors) is included in this clever Kit includes adjustable wood frame (16" wide xDIY kit. Children will love to create yarn pom poms using the 22" high), wooden needle, 2 wooden dowels, 3step-by-step instructionswind the yarn around the reusable paper picture tapestry kits, yarn, and design ideas.wooden form (2" x 4"), tie, clip, and trim. Includes 5 Minor assembly required. Ages 6+; younger withcolored skeins of yarn (enough to make multiple pom poms) adult guidance.! and 5 felt animal forms (to hold/display the pom poms). V212$49.99 Packaged in a metal, lunchbox-style, storage case (8" x 5"; 2" deep). Ages 6+, younger with adult assistance.A265 $18.0034 Practical Life - Lacing, Weaving & SewingMontessoriServices.com877-975-3003'