b'Serving & Table SettingBreak-Resistant OptionsIf glass is not an option, consider these aesthetic alternatives. Transparency is as close to that of glass as we could find, so children can easily see contents when pouring. Lightweight; suitable for serving and food preparation. Snack Serving Set Provide for the snack table needs of 12 children with Glass Pitcher with Lidthis appealing set. The clear glass pitcher and glasses Our favorite child-size, see-through pitcher has an easy- allow children to see liquids as they serve. For a largerHandle-Less Plastic Creamer to-turn, pour-through lid. Children can serve themselvesgroup, add more glasses (below) or plates (p. 15).Perfect for a first grain pouring activity. Young by twisting the plastic lid open to pour, then twisting theSet includes: children can wrap one hand nearly all the way lid again to close. Easy-grasp handle and nearly dripless2 Sets (12 pieces in all) of Glass Snack Club Plates (D240)around this small creamer. Also suitable for spout. Dishwasher-safe. 16 oz. Lid color may vary. 2 Sets (12 pieces in all) of Durable Juice Glass Set (D510)Ages 3+. Glass Pitcher with Lid (G274) water pouring. 2 oz. Willow Loaf Basket (K106)2" base; 2" highG209$2.75 3" base; 6" highG274$7.95 Acrylic Napkin Holder (X22) Ice Tongs (D479) PL27$90.25A B Faceted Acrylic Creamer This crystal clear creamer is great for a water pouring exercise, or use it for serving small Glass Juice GlassesSets of 6 Pieces amounts of juice or milk. Nearly unbreakable Build confidence and independence by offeringItalian Bistro Pitcherswith a removable lid. 5 oz. these thick, durable glasses. The faceted sides andThese pleasing glass pitchers will help your children3" base; 4" highG208$9.95 flared shape help children keep their grip, thusmaster pouring by themselves. The clear glass allows minimizing mishaps. Dishwasher-safe. The Firstchildren to view their progress, and two different Glass is perfect for the smallest hands. 2 oz. Agessizes accommodate different uses. The wide, stable 12. The Durable Juice Glass holds 5 oz. Ages 3+. base helps prevent tipping. A. First Glass Set (6 pieces) 8 Oz. 2" base; 4" high G607$7.951" base; 2" high D513 $ 9.95 17 Oz. 3" base; 5" highG6089.95B. Durable Juice Glass Set (6 pieces)2" base; 3" high D51010.95A little fellow of two-and-a-half may perhaps be able to carry the bread, while a child of four-and-a-half can manage to carry the kettle of hot soup. The importance of the work does not bother children, they are satisfied when they have done as Porcelain Pitchersmuch as they can and see thatPlastic Serving Pitcher & Cup they are not excluded from anOutfit an entire class with minimal expense. The The opaque porcelain provides added challenge when pouring. Suitable for variousopportunity to exert themselveseasy-to-manage Serving Pitcher has an almost classroom needs, including water or grainin their surroundings. dripless spout; 32 oz. The faceted outside surface pouring activities. Use the 14 Oz. as a juiceof the Cup helps children keep their grip; 5 oz. pitcher or in a hand washing set. Maria Montessori Pitcher 3" base; 7" highG25$5.95 8 Oz. 2" base; 4" highG226 $5.95 The Discovery of the Child Cup 1" base; 3" high G26 1.2514 Oz. 3" base; 5" high G224 8.9514 Practical Life - Pouring & ServingMontessoriServices.com877-975-3003'