b'Pouring, Serving & Table SettingBreak-Resistant OptionsIf glass or ceramic is not an option, consider these lightweight alternatives.Porcelain Pitchers The opaque porcelain provides added challengeA Bwhen pouring. Suitable for various classroom needs, including water or grain pouring activities. Glass Pitcher with LidUse the 14 oz. as a juice pitcher or in a handDurable Plastic CreamersOur favorite child-size, see-through pitcher has anwashing set.Ideal for first pouring exercises, young children easy-to-turn, pour-through lid. Children can serve8 oz. 2" base; 4" highG226 $6.95can wrap a hand nearly all the way around the themselves by twisting the plastic lid open to pour,14 oz. 3" base; 5" high G224 10.95 small plastic Handle-Less Creamer. 2 oz. The then twisting the lid again to close. Easy-graspFaceted Acrylic Creamer has thick sides, is nearly handle and nearly dripless spout. Dishwasher-safe.unbreakable and has a removable lid. 5 oz.16 oz. Ages 3+. A. Handle-Less 2" base; 2" highG209$ 2.953" base; 6" highG274$11.95 B. Faceted Acrylic 3" base; 4" highG20811.50Six piece setsItalian Bistro PitchersTextured Melamine PitcherA B These pleasing glass pitchers will help your childrenThis pitcher/creamer looks and feels just like a master pouring by themselves. The clear glass allowsceramic pitcher but is actually durable melamine. children to view their progress, and two different sizesIt is lightweight and dishwasher safe. 5 oz.accommodate different uses. The wide, stable base3" base; 3" high G313$7.95 Glass Juice GlassesSets of 6 Pieces helps prevent tipping. Build confidence and independence by offering8 oz. 2" base; 4" high G607$7.95 these thick, durable glasses. The faceted sides and17 oz. 3" base; 5" highG6089.95flared shape help children keep their grip, thus minimizing mishaps. Dishwasher-safe. The First Glass is best for the smallest hands. 2 oz. Ages 12. The Durable Juice Glass holds 5 oz. Ages 3+.A. First Glass Set (6 pieces) Take a global journey1" base; 2" high D513 $10.95 of tea traditions in B. Durable Juice Glass Set (6 pieces)Teatime Around the2" base; 3" high D51019.95 World (C16, p. 99).Tea for two!NEW!Porcelain Tea SetFrom pouring to sipping, this set offers many ways to practice Practical Life skills and manners. The Porcelain Teapot features a comfortable handle and gracefully curved spout. Holds 18 oz. 4" high; 8" overall from spout to handle. The 3 oz. Demi-CupPlastic Serving Pitcher offers the perfect sip. 2" dia. top. Dishwasher safe.This lightweight, easy-to-manage serving pitcher Ages 4+. has a faceted outside surface and an almost Porcelain Tea Set teapot & 2 cupsG112$19.95dripless spout; 32 oz. Hand wash.Teapot only G110 12.95 3" base; 6" highG27$5.95Demi-Cup each G109 3.9514 Practical Life - Pouring & ServingMontessoriServices.com877-975-3003'