b'Brass Bell from India The role of the bell in the Montessori classroom is well-known. Ring it just once for silence, or children can walk on the line carrying the bell carefully without letting it ring. The bell is made of shiny brass and has a soothingFinished Felt Mats tone. Keep the bell shiningMats matter! They enable the child to focus on the task as part of a polishingat hand by keeping the work together and defining exercise. Style maythe work space. These soft, wool-blend felt mats roll vary slightly. 5" high.easily and are ideal for use with much of the Montessori Age 3+.! Sensorial apparatus. The serged edges are an attractive C693$10.50 finishing touch. Washing instructions online.iSpecify color: beige or gray.Each 17" x 11"X603$ 7.00Felt Mat AssortmentWooden 2 each color (4 pieces) X60428.00Napkin Ring Carved on the outside and smooth on the inside, this napkin ring wont snag delicate fabrics. Useful for vinyl, felt, or cloth mats, as well as napkins. Inside dia. 1"; overall dia. 2". EachX627$2.99 Find Cloth Napkins (D399, D398) on p. 15. Eco Felt Mats Easy to roll and fold, these soft, premium felt mats are an ideal surface for a range of activities. Made from Eco-fi, a PET fiber made with up to 100% recycled plastic bottles, these mats can be machine washed and dried. They canNesting Floor Tablesalso be cut up and used in art. Specify color: red, orange,During her stay in India, Montessori used low yellow, green, blue, purple, cashmere tan, or sandstone. stools (chowkis) as tables for the children after Each 18" x 12"X612$ 2.99 realizing that child-size classroom furniture would Rainbow Assortment 1 each red, orange, yellow, green, enhance learning. These two sturdy wooden tablesblue & purple (6 pieces) offer similar benefits. Tables expand classroom X61316.00SAVE workspace and help keep the work out of harms way; both sizes offer presentation surfaces at the childs level. From LORD Company. Please note: Allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery. Small 17" x 13"; 9" highLC07 $200.00 Large 24" x 18"; 13" highLC08 245.00Nesting Table Set1 each sizeLC09 445.00Montessori Quotes with Photos Set of 9 Small PostersWhether gracing a school entrance or serving as inspiration in the classroom or staff breakEasy to cleanroom, these posters bring Montessori concepts to life. Nine of our favorite quotations from MariaVinyl MatsMontessori are paired with photographs of childrenExcellent for Practical Life work or as a lunch mat. working in a Montessori environment or enjoyingThese mats lie flat after unrolling and wipe clean the outdoors. Topics range from independence andwith a damp sponge. 18 oz. vinyl-coated polyester practical life to language and peace. Quotationsfabric. Rounded corners create a finished look.Small Plasticare cited. 8" x 10"; printed on heavy-weight paper.Rolled mat fits in the Wooden Napkin Ring (X627,Pocket Folders See all posters and quotes online. i above). Specify color: red, blue, yellow, orange,Half the size of a standard pocket folder, these durable, 9 PiecesR401$6.95SALE white, or dark green. two-pocket folders are ideal for organizing your card Each 17" x 11"X608 $ 2.50materials! Folders arrive flat (unfolded). Folding Vinyl Mat Assortmentinstructions available online. 6" x 8". Specify color: ! WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD 1 each color (6 pieces)X60914.00SAVE black, gray, orange, tan, yellow, brown, azure, blue, Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs. green, red, purple, and white.EachX630$3.25 MontessoriServices.com877-975-3003 Preparing the Environment5'