b'Rugs & MatsWork Rug Assortment 6 Small Natural Work Rugs (X550W) and Hemmed Work Rugs6 Large Natural Work Rugs (X552W). These hand-woven dhurries from India have all theGC07$147.00SAVEqualities a Montessori work rug needs: the tight weave provides children with a smooth work surface; the rugs lie flat, roll up easily, and stand upright in a rack. WithModular Rug Holder hemmed ends, there is no fringe to fray or knot. 100%Designed to hold four work cotton. Machine wash cold, hang to dry; expect somerugs, this handmade hardwood shrinkage. Handmade; variations in the weave are normal. stand is an attractive space-saver. Use two or more side bySmall 36" x 24"side; move them easily to Natural EachX550W$10.95the most convenient place Natural 6 or moreX550W10.40SAVEin the room. Use to store the Light BlueX550B 11.95Hemmed Work Rugs (X550, Large42" x 28" X552). CompartmentsNatural EachX552W$14.95measure 4" sq. Natural 6 or moreX552W14.20SAVE9" sq.; 20" high Light BlueX552B 15.95PH02$142.00Finished Floor Mats Lighter weight and more pliable than the Hemmed Work Rugs (X550, X552, above left), these Floor Mats can be rolled or folded for storage. Colored mats provide ideal contrast for white card materials; Large is ideal for Elementary activities. Made by a family-owned Felt Matsbusiness in Thailand (our vendor knows the Mats matter! They enable the child to focus on the task atfamily well) of 100% cotton with cloth binding hand by keeping the work together and defining the workon all edges. Expect some shrinkage if machine space. These soft, wool-blend felt mats roll easily andwashed; hang to dry. From Azoka Company. are ideal for use with much of the Montessori SensorialVinyl Mats Specify color: brown, blue, or natural (off-white).apparatus. The serged edges are an attractive finishingExcellent for Practical Life work or as a lunch mat.Small 29" x 20"X650$17.95 touch. Specify color: beige or gray. They lie flat after unrolling and wipe clean with a dampLarge 49" x 29"X656 25.95Each 17" x 11"X603$ 6.75 sponge. 18 oz. vinyl-coated polyester fabric. Rounded Felt Mat Assortment corners give this mat a finished look. Rolled mat fits in2 each color (4 pieces) X60425.50SAVE the Napkin Ring (X620, left). Specify color: red, blue, yellow, orange, white, or dark green.Carved Wooden Napkin RingEach 17" x 11"X608 $ 2.25 Carved on the outside and smooth on the inside, this napkinVinyl Mat Assortment ring wont snag delicate fabrics. Useful for 1 each color (6 pieces) X60912.00SAVEvinyl, felt, or cloth mats, as well as napkins. Inside dia. 1"; overall dia. 2". EachX620$2.95Montessori Quotes with PhotosSet of 10 Small PostersSmall Square Whether gracing a school entrance or serving Bamboo Matas inspiration in the classroom or staff break Smaller than aroom, these posters bring Montessori concepts placemat, theto life. Ten of our favorite quotations from natural colorMaria Montessori are paired with photographs and invitingof children working in a Montessori environment texture ofor enjoying the outdoors. Topics range from this sushi matindependence and practical life to language and will add a touch ofpeace. Quotations are cited. 8" x 10"; printed on Asia to the classroom;heavy-weight paper so they can be displayed on lovely under a vase on the snack table. Rolls up neatly.an easel or framed in a standard picture frame. Smooth, split-bamboo is held firmly in place with cottonSee all posters and quotes online. icord. Wipe clean with a damp sponge.10 PiecesR401$7.95SALEEach 9" sq.X610$2.25MontessoriServices.com877-975-3003 Preparing the Environment - Rugs & Mats5'