b'Lots ofFeelingsDoes she look loving, angry, curious, or maybe even grumpy? A delightful visual presentation introduces the idea of reading facial expressions. Each page is labeled with one word for an emotion and shows one large and two smaller close-up photos of children experiencing that feeling. A great way Peacekeepers Book Sets for children to build the vocabulary needed to effectively Set in a Montessori classroom, these peacemakingexpress their own emotions. Paperback, 23 pages. Ages 3+. stories were written for beginning readers. EachR103$7.95story shows how the characters prevent or resolve a conflict. Act out the stories and discuss what it means to be a peacekeeper. Level 1 is mostlyBooks for Young Learnersphonetic; difficulty increases in successive levels.The decoding available through phonics is a 8 titles per level. Paperback, 12 pages each. well-conceived approach to understanding how Level I pinkR140$25.00 our language works. These books span the gap Level II blueR14225.00 between stories contrived for phonetic reading and Level III greenR14425.00 meaningful reading. These are memorable texts that All 3 SetsR14675.00 excite and inform, appropriate for shared, guided, and independent reading. Filled with realistic art or photographs. Each set has a mix of fiction and nonfiction. Highly recommended. L774Books for Early ReadersPuzzle (Sight) Words Gradually introduces new challenges, such as a variety Help children learn the words that cant be decodedof sentence structures and less exact matching of and must be memorized. This card set includes 64 words that the teacher can introduce a few atillustrations and text. Paperback, 816 pages each. ia time with a three-period lesson. Then, childrenSet 1 10 Titles (shown online)L776$60.00can use the cards independently or with otherSet 2 10 Titles (shown online)L77860.00children to reinforce learning new words. 64 coatedSet 3 13 TitlesL77578.00cardstock cards (3" x 2"). (Use Display B711, p. 10.) From Miss Rhondas Readers. Ages 4+.L497$9.95L772Books for Emergent ReadersIncludes strong story lines, text that follows a pattern, a close match of pictures and text, and word spacing appropriate for finger pointing and one-to-onematching. Paperback, 816 pages each. iSet 1 7 TitlesL772$42.00Set 2 8 Titles (shown above, right)L77448.00Action Word CardsWords like scrub, wait, chop and snort are fun to read and act out, reinforcing a childs learning about the function of different words. This set includes 32 phonetic words and 32 words thatOur new Guided Science Readers include a basic phonogram. 64 coated cardstock(L645) can be found on the back cards (3" x 2"). (Use Display B711, p. 10.) Fromcover.L775Miss Rhondas Readers. Ages 4+.L498$9.95MontessoriServices.com877-975-3003 Language Development - Book Sets63'