b'Cursive CursiveMovable Alphabets Phonogram AlphabetsThese small alphabet cards provide the same bridgeGive children the opportunity to write anythingbetween the intellectual formation of words andthey want to write, well before their hand can hold pencil writing as the traditional cut-out alphabetsa pencil. Used with a Movable Alphabet (left), these do, at a fraction of the cost. Choose the style thatdouble-letter cards represent 15 additional key sounds: matches your other language materials. Each setai, ar, ch, ee, ie, ng, oa, oo, or, ou, oy, qu, sh, th, and ue. includes 20 each of the high frequency consonantsEach set includes 10 of each double-letter phonogram (n, r, s, t) and 10 each of all other consonants in pink,and presentation suggestions. 2" sq. laminated cards. 20 of each vowel in blue, 20 of y (10 blue and 10 pink),From Maitri Learning. Ages 3+.and presentation suggestions. 1" x 2" laminatedCursiveL516$24.95150cards. From Maitri Learning. Ages 3+. PrintL51724.95phonogramCursiveL505$34.95 360Pre-CursiveL51824.95 cards!PrintL50634.95 letterPre-CursiveL50734.95 cards!Print Pre-CursivePrint Pre-CursivePhonetic Reading Sets Phonetic Object Box 1Laminated Three-Part Photo Cards This first Montessori independent reading activity Designed by a Montessori teacher, this well-thoughtallows children to experience an ah-ha moment out, truly phonetic, progressively structured readingwhen they discover they can understand someone program uses beautiful, clear photographs to engageA elses thoughts. After writing lots of words with the beginning reader. Children read the labels, match thethe Movable Alphabet, children will be ready to labels with pictures, and then use control cards to checkread labels and match them to small objects. their work.Durable, waterproof labels; 2" x 1". Items mayProceed through the levels in order at the childs pace.vary. Ages 3+.! iSix subjects per packet. Multiple packets in each levelSet includes:make it easy to rotate materials and maintain interest.30 Assorted Objects Plastic Box (B106) for Objects Sets include lesson plans. From Maitri Learning. ControlWord Labels Plastic Box (B530) for LabelsPresentation Suggestions card with label measures 3" x 4". Laminated to edge,LM03$34.00not beyond. Ages 28. B DC EJust add 6 or 8 Complete Phonetic Reading phonetic objects ProgramFive Sets of Laminated C. Level 3: Traditional Phonograms with their labels.Three-Part Photo CardsContains many of the key phonograms used on the Includes 216 subjects (648 cards in all)! Level 1:Green (double) Sandpaper Letters: ai, ar, ch, ee, er, ie, oa, Simplest Phonetic Words (L801); Level 2: Longeroo (book), sh, or, th. 11 packets (one per phonogram) of Phonetic Words (L803); Level 3: Traditional6 sets of laminated three-part cards (198 cards in all).Phonograms (L805); Level 3: Other Phonograms (L807);L805$134.95Level 4: Challenging/Compound Words (L809).L811$399.95SAVE D. Level 3:Other PhonogramsIncludes many other phonograms encountered in the English language: a-e, a (nasal, as in can), ck, ea, i-e, o-e, oi, oo (moon), ow, double consonants. 10 packets A. Level 1: Simplest Phonetic Words (one per phonogram) of 6 sets of laminated three-part Each packet contains three-letter phonetic words withcards (180 cards in all). Phonetic Object short vowel sounds. The cards in each packet are grouped to avoid common letter confusions, such as b and d. 5L807$124.95 Box 2Phonogramspackets of 6 sets of laminated three-part cards (90 cardsIntroduce combinations of letters/sounds (such as sh in all).E. Level 4: Challenging/or ee), by placing one of these small objects with its L801$59.95 Compound Words word label in a set of phonetic objects (not included). Each word contains more than one phonogram/ The word for each object in this set contains one of the key phonogram sounds. Durable, waterproof B. Level 2: Longer Phonetic Words digraph and/or double letters from Level 3. Includes labels; 2" x 1". Items may vary. Ages 3+.!Still completely phonetic, this level introduces the child totwo packets of compound words. 5 packets of 6 sets of blends, such as cr, st, fl. 5 packets of 6 sets of laminatedlaminated three-part cards (90 cards in all). Set includes:8 Assorted Phonogram Objects Word Labels three-part cards (90 cards in all). L809$59.95 Plastic Box (B105) for Objects L803$59.95 Medium Plastic Box (B530) for LabelsPresentation SuggestionsLM04$12.00MontessoriServices.com877-975-3003 Language Development - Early Reading63'