b'Elementary Resources & Cosmic EducationThe Elementary Montessori materials are designed to give children a picture as big as their developing imaginations and interests. As they enter into the world of the abstract, children begin to ask why and how. Their growing capacity to reason searches for the interrelatedness of all things. By discovering and connecting the details, children are better able to form an understanding of the whole.Timeline of Life Companion Books Basic HistoryFrom the Age of Invertebrates to the first appearance offor the Timeline of Life Set withearly humans, the hand-colored control chart lets childrenWith many colorful illustrations,Timeline of Life discover the evolutionary history of plant and animal life onthese child-friendly books areThe Coming of LifeEarth, with eras delineated into their different periodsintended to be first researchThis special set The matching mute chart (no pictures) has the same redsupport for the Timelinecomes with lines as the control, to help children know where to lay outof Life. Included with theeverything on the pre-cut era labels and die-cut picture cards. The redTimeline (EM824, EM825,this page, plus lines indicate the first appearance and evolution of eachleft). From Azoka Company.8 handmade batik species. The companion books and cards are first researchPaperback. posters on mulberry support. The control, mute chart, picture cards, and eraPaleozoic Era 63 pages paper to help bring the labels are all laminated (5-mil). From Azoka Company. EM70$8.95 Great Lessons to life. Each Timeline Package includes:Mesozoic Era, Cenozoic Era 46 pagesPosters measure 22" x 32". Control (Mural or Panel Style) EM718.95 From Azoka Company. Mute Chart Please note: This item will Era Labelsbe drop-shipped directly Die-cut Picture Cards to you. Companion Cards (EM813) Paleozoic Era Companion Book (EM70)Set includes:Mesozoic Era, Cenozoic Era Companion Book (EM71) The Timeline of Life (EM824 or EM825) Long Black Strip (EM822) Clock of Eras (EM800) 5 Creation Lesson Posters (shown above) Mural-StyleTimeline of LifeAge of Fish Poster (shown online) The control is one continuous piece (116" x 20"), whichAge of Reptiles Poster (shown online) can be rolled out on the floor or mounted on a wall.Age of Mammals Poster (shown online)Includes the Timeline and all items in the list above. Companion Cards With Panel-Style TimelineEM826$335.00Mural-Style (shown above)EM824$235.00 for the Timeline of Life With Mural-Style TimelineEM827335.00With the same pictures and Panel-StyleTimeline of Life text as the companion books (EM70, EM71, above), The control and mute charts are each cut into four panelteachers can use these cards to create comprehension sections (29" x 20" each). Mount the control panels onactivities. Children can also use them for research. the wall, if possible; then children can bring one panel at aIncluded with the Timeline of Life (EM824, EM825, left). time to their work area. Includes the Timeline and all itemsFrom Azoka Company. Coated cardstock. 85 cards. 5" in the list above. sq. (Use Box B107, p. 11.)Panel-Style (shown below)EM825$235.00 EM813$45.00Long Black StripChildren love watching the drama of the unfurling of the stripits about 3 inches wide and almost 100 feet long! The LongClock of ErasBlack StripLooking at cosmic hours, children have another way representsto grasp the concept of the relative amounts of time time fromit took for Earth to form and for different types of life the beginningto develop. Comes with a laminated, colored control of the formation of Earth(15" x 20") on poster board, pre-cut arrows and key, to the first human life onand a set of loose chart pieces for building the clock. Earth. The narrow whiteThe Traditional Version is color-coded to match the band at the end of the black strip represents theTimeline of Life and is included in the Basic History Set proportionate amount of time humans have existed(EM826, EM827, above). The ICS Version (International on Earth. 100% cotton, handwoven with sergedCommission on Stratigraphy) is available online.edges. Included with Basic History Set (EM826, EM827, above). From Azoka Company. From Azoka Company. iTraditional VersionEM800$45.00EM822$55.00 ICS Version (shown online)EM10545.0088 Elementary ResourcesMontessoriServices.com877-975-3003'