b'ANailbrushes Finger-tickling accessories for hand washing! Children will love washing their handsBand nails with these littlebrushes. The curved plastic handles are easy for smallNEW!Handwashing Timer!children to grasp. Assorted colors.Hand washing is more important than ever! Help a youngA. Whale 2" long; 1" high EachW22$2.95 child know how long they need to wash their hands withB. Nylon 3" long; 1" high EachW942.50this simple timer. Push the button to light the timer. TimerEnamelware Hand Washing Set will stay lit for 23 seconds (3 to get ready, 20 to wash).Carefully pouring from a pitcher into a bowl is so much Stop washing when you hear the beep. Plastic casing with non-skid feet. Includes 2 AAA batteries. Ages 3+.Small Plastic more satisfying than turning on the tap! This set invites children to master a clear-cut sequence of tasks in 3" dia.W80$9.95 Soap/Lotion Pumporder to achieve a visible This travel-size pump-actionresult (clean hands!). An Acrylic Soap Saver Soap Dish dispenser is ideal for dish or handideal solution when porcelain This functional and attractive dish features ridges to keepwashing activities or for holdingis not an option. bar soap out of the goo. Itsoap or lotion. 1.8 oz.! CHOKINGHowever, just as also will hold a small brush HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs. porcelain is breakable, or sponge. Easy to clean.1" dia.; 4" highW86$2.75enamelware can chip. 5" x 3"W79$2.95Enamelware is porcelain-coated metal. Pitcher holds 1 quarts; 10" dia. basin. Ages 3+. Pitcher & Bowl G235$42.95Hand Washing Table This lacquered hardwood stand with a formica surface (color varies) is an ideal hand washing table. The 1" wooden rim keeps the bowl and pitcher where they belong. A shelf underneath holds clean-up items and extra towels; hang aprons and towels on the convenient side bars. From LORD Company. 24" x 17" overall. Please Porcelain Pitcher & Bowl note: Allow 46 weeks for delivery. Cannot be Weve matched the Porcelain Bowl with the 14 Oz.shipped outside the contiguous U.S. Porcelain Pitcher to create an attractive hand washing set.Toddler 16" highLC02T$357.50The bowl (9" dia.; 2" deep) has a wide base for stabilityPrimary 18" highLC02357.50 and a slightly flared edge. The shape of the pitcher lends NEW!Clear Plastic Bucket itself to easy pouring. Now children can see exactly how much liquid is in thePitcher & Bowl SetG230$21.75SAVEbucket. Easy-pour spout. Assorted handle colors. 4 cups. Pitcher only G224 8.95 Each 3" dia. base; 5" highQ08$7.95 Bowl only G232 13.95 Hand Washing Activity Includes color-coordinated items for handwashing the old-fashioned way. Shown with theHand Washing Table (LC02, right, sold separately).Items may vary. Set includes: Porcelain Pitcher & Bowl (G230)Primary Cloth Apron (W29) Soap/Lotion Pump (W86) Small Plastic Bucket (Q83) 3 Cotton Terry Towels Nylon Nailbrush (W94) 3 Cotton Terry Cloths Bar of Soap2 Acrylic Soap Dishes (W79) Sponge White Plastic Dishpan PL12$75.00Carrying this full-size dishpan is great for gross motor coordination. Lightweight and durable, its easy to tote. Use for dishwashing, science activities, or for transporting soil to the garden. Fits inside a standard twin-size sink and stacks for compact storage. 14 quarts. 14" x 12" x 5" deepW15W$7.50 !See p. 2.MontessoriServices.com877-975-3003 Practical Life - Washing & Scrubbing23'