b'A favorite for decades!B Small Crumb SetThe Small Crumb Set is perfect for table-top crumbing. Compact Brush &A magnet holds the brush to the stainless steel dustpan Dustpan (5" x 5"). Ages 3+.!This set makes it2 PiecesQ12$9.99easy for children to clean up. With a non-slip, ergonomic handle, this high-quality brush capturesfine dust and crumbs. Just press down on theA classic from handle-less dustpan to make the rubber lip sit flushGermany!with the floor. Brush stores in dustpan. Brush: 7" overall. Dustpan: 6" x 5". Ages 4+. 2 PiecesQ73$9.99Whisk Broom & Dustpan SetDesigned for small cleanups, the sturdy, stiff-bristled brush snaps into the plastic dustpan when not in use. Polypropyline bristles. 6" x 8". Ages 3+.2 PiecesQ56$5.00Traditional Sweeping SetChildrens This charming set is perfectly proportionedCorn Broom for the young child intent on cleaning up andThis traditional lobby will get the job done! The metal dustpan andbroom is made wood-handled brush are reminiscent of a bygoneof rattan and stiff era. The curved lip of the dustpan allows it to fitbroomcorn on a securely against the floor so sweepings will gowooden handle. 8" into (not under) the pan. Brush is 8" overall.wide head; 40" long Outdoor Dustpan is 6" x 9". Ages 3+. overall. Ages 37.Clean-Up Set2 PiecesQ170$24.99 Q25$10.99Lightweight and sturdy, these clean-up tools are ideal for small hands. The push broom has stiff plastic bristles that get the job done whether sweeping driveways or paths. It\'s also easy to clean. Rake features strong, flexible, plastic head ideal for rakingSweeping Guide and gathering leaves. BothPlace this semi-circular wooden formtools have 26" aluminumon the floor and direct the sweepings into handles. Sold only as a set.it, providing an effective point of interest. Ages 3-6. Then use a brush and dustpan to sweep 2 Pieces up everything. 11" x 6". Q90$24.99 Q75$29.99For Winter Clean-Up Angle Brush & Dustpanfind our Snow Shovel This full-size plastic set is ideal for big jobs indoors (Q40) on p. 71.and out. The soft rubber lip on the dustpan sits flat on the floor for maximum pickup. The high back will catchNEW DESIGN!Sweeping Activityenthusiastic sweepings. Soft grip brush has a pointedSet includes: Children\'s Corn Broom (Q25); head and angled bristles to get into corners. BrushSweeping Guide (Q75) and Traditional (10" long) nestles snugly into dustpan (9" wide) forSweeping Set (Q170).storage. Color may vary. Ages 4+. PL20$65.002 PiecesQ79$11.50 MontessoriServices.com877-975-3003 Practical Life - Cleaning Up23'