b'Food PreparationChild-Size SpreadersWith a swoosh of the wrist, these spreaders are ideal for peanut butter, cream cheese, and other soft spreads. Classrooms might want to keep a supply on hand so children can prepare their lunches or snacks at school. With stainless steel blades, these well-made utensils are Snack Cards safe and easy for children to manage. Ages 3+.Easy Snack Recipes Stainless Spreader 4" longD344$2.00for Young Children Stainless Steel Spreaders Set of 3D3606.00Most Montessori classroomsWood-Handled Spreader 4" longD3272.75are set up so children canWood-Handled Spreaders Set of 3D3347.75SAVEserve themselves a daily snack. We created these cards so children can also prepare their own snacks independently. SNACKCARDSAfter the ingredients andEasySnackChildrRecipesen forYoungphoto cards are set out, A B children can easily follow the pictures, or read the simple sentence. Each recipe uses healthy ingredientsFruit&CheeseKabobs Cheese&CrackerswithGrapesVegetable&CheeseKabobs HoneyButterSandwiches&Applesand may even introduceChips&CarrotswithDip OrangeJuice&Popcorn NEW!Pita&CarrotswithHummusDip FruitSaladnew foods. All the recipesStuffedCelery BananaPops Small Bamboo Cutting Boardrequire a basic skill such aswww.MontessoriServices.com This two-tone cutting board is a manageable size for small spreading, slicing, mixing,hands when cutting vegetables or slicing fruit. Hand wash. or squeezing." thick.Vegetable Choppers Teacher prep and helpful hints included. 10 recipes, 48" x 5"D349$5.50Children love prepping and chopping crinkly- cards per recipe. Cardstock cards are 4" x 6" and fit cut veggies with these handy tools. Showperfectly in the Bent Acrylic Photo Holder (shown on children how to press down steadily, keepingpage 10). ifingers safely away from the blade. Children40 Snack CardsD120$19.95push the Wavy Chopper with both hands onBent Acrylic Photo Holder top. Hand wash. The wood-handled VegetableEachX1222.75 Blunt-Tipped Serrated Knife Chopper helps children master the same hand4 or moreX1222.50SAVE Great for fruit and vegetable cutting, this knife has a positions theyll need to safely use a knife (onestainless steel blade with a rounded safety tip. We strongly hand on the handle and one hand pushingrecommend that adults have confidence in childrens down on the blade). Ages 4+.abilities before introducing a sharp knife. Let children A. Wavy Chopper practice with a wooden or plastic knife and play dough. 3" x 3" assorted colorsD104$3.95 Before allowing a child access to a sharp implement, an B. Vegetable Chopper individual presentation is a must. Varnished hardwood 6" long D3253.95 handle. Ages 5+ with adult supervision.8" longD347$2.25A BButtercup Butter MakerVegetable Brushes Shake things up! Make delicious creamy butter in about three minutes. Simply fill the jar with room temperatureNEW!Flexible Cutting Board SetPerfect for scrubbing root vegetables orcream, shake, pour off the buttermilk, and strain. ASturdier than a roll-up mat, attractive, and easy to care potatoes. ramekin at the bottom of the jar collects the butter, readyfor. Use these plastic mats any time a waterproof work A. Potato Scrubberfor use. Includes recipes for making flavored butters.surface is needed. Fits inside a Fast Food Tray (T180, p. 8). Nylon bristles and plastic handle; 5" long 3-piece set: 1 cup plastic jar, lid, and plastic ramekin base.Dishwasher-safe. 12" x 8".W96$4.95 Easy instructions are printed on the jar. Ages 3+, with 4 PiecesD253$4.95B. Mini Vegetable Brushadult assistance. Coir fiber and wood; 5" long5" high; 2" dia. baseD114$14.95W30 4.9532 Practical Life - Food PreparationMontessoriServices.com877-975-3003'