b'Bowl won\'t slide away!Measure & Mix! Stainless Steel Sifter Perfectly suited for the young child, this Non-SlipChildren will be fascinated by the workings of this Batter Bowl features a pouring spout and a non-slipchild-size sifter. The smooth-turning crank has two handle and bottom. Plastic, 2-quart capacity. 8" dia;wire agitators. Rust-resistant and easy-to-clean. 3" 4" deep. The matching Measuring Cups & Spoonsbase; 4" high. Holds 1 cup. Ages 3+. have easy-to-read measurements, flat bottoms, andD356$8.95non-slip handles. Dishwasher safe. Ages 3+.NEW! Measure & Mix SetD68$19.95ANon-Slip Batter Bowl onlyD1989.95Measuring Cups & Spoons onlyD51810.95A Perfect Mash-Up BThis set is as fun as it is functional. The adjustableTwice as nice!100% cotton Baker/Chef Hat is sized for ages 2-8. The Kitchen Tools Cloth Apron slips over the headMesh Strainers and closes in front with a Velcro tab belt. HandmadeSift and sort through two fine gauges of stainless steel of washable cotton/polyester. 12" wide; 20"meshso many satisfying possibilities! Fine Strainer long. Ages 36. The stainless steel Mini Masher (6"can separate rice from salt. Extra-Fine Strainer will long) is ideal for mashing potatoes or bananas.sift flour or powdered sugar. The plastic handle and Dishwasher safe. Ages 2+. two supports overhang the lip of the dish beneath. Baker/Chef Hat D385$ 7.95 Mini Silicone Scrapers/Spatulas Dishwasher safe. Kitchen Tools Cloth Apron D390 16.95 From scooping and spreading peanut butter or jamA. Fine Strainer 3" dia.; 7" long Mini Masher D108 4.95 to scraping batter from a bowl, this set is invaluable. G69$3.75 The pointed tip reaches jar corners. Non-stick siliconeB. Extra-Fine Strainer 2" dia.; 6" longis heat resistant to 500F. Dishwasher safe. 7" long.G68 3.25 Ages 3+. Mesh Strainer Set 1 each size 2 PiecesD483$5.50 G70 6.50SAVE AMini Measuring BeakersThis set of four nesting beakers reminds us that cooking really is science! Calibrated in both standard cooking B units and milliliters, each beaker has an angled rim and spout. Easy to grasp, with stable bases. Dishwasher-safe plastic. 1 tsp., 1 tbs., 1 oz., and 2 oz.;each is 3" high. Ages 3+. 4 PiecesSC846$11.95CKitchen ToolsStir things up with these tools. The Beech Wood Spoon features a rounded bowl for easy scooping.Wooden Rolling Pin The slender handle of the Wooden Mixing Spoon isYoung children can roll dough easily with this petite, easy to grasp and the chrome-coated steel Balloonprofessional rolling pin. The handles remain stationary Whisk is dishwasher safe. Ages 3+. as the cylinder glides over the dough. Ball bearings A. Beech Wood Spoon 8" longD357$3.95 ensure smooth and easy rolling. Cylinder is 7" x 1" B. Wooden Mixing Spoon 8" longD397 2.95 dia.; 11" long overall. Ages 3+. C. Balloon Whisk 6" longD430 6.50 D326$11.9532 Practical Life - Food PreparationMontessoriServices.com877-975-3003'