b'TransferringA BSpoonAssortment Five of our favorites, Csuitable for a varietyof classroom activities.6 piecesSet includes:Bamboo Spoons Stainless Steel Scoop (G50)Demi-Spoon (G252)The intriguing grain of bamboo adds beauty toMini Ladle (G254) Tiny Salt Spoon (G53) these practical spoons. These smoothly finished Olivewood Mustard Spoon (G251)utensils will engage your children in careful G106$13.50SAVE transferring work. Wonderful for children whoare mastering small motor skills. Hand wash.A. Carved 5" long G264 $2.50Stainless Steel ScoopB. NEW! Teaspoon 5" longG1202.95Bird-Shaped Pinch Bowl SetThe size, texture, and weight of thisC. NEW! Mini Bamboo Spoon Set Don\'t let these vibrant ceramic dishes fly away. spoon-like scoop make it very inviting(6 pieces)3" long G122 5.95 They are ideal for holding just a pinch of salt, for transferring. Great for toddlers. 1"a dab of polish/glue, or an individual snack wide bowl.Olivewood Mustard Spoon portion. Safe for dishwasher and microwave, 3" longG50$3.50 The deep bowl of this spoon makes itthese 2 oz. dishes (4" x 2") nest for easy suitable for the challenge of transferringstorage. Set color is assorted.Tiny Salt Spoonone kernel of popcorn at a time.6 PiecesD490$23.95With a slim handle and a shallow 4" longG251$3.50bowl, careful movements are needed to use this tiny stainless steel spoon. 3" longG53$1.95 A Spoonful ofTransferring items from dish to dish Demi-Spoondevelops control of small finger Perfectly proportioned! Youll find amuscles and prepares children to use variety of uses for this dainty spoon.their skills in serving themselves at the Stainless steel.Carved3" longG252$2.50 lunch or snack table. Change the activitiesWooden Bowls frequently to provide variety and maintainIndividually hand carved from a naturally water-Mini Ladleinterest. Objects suitable for transferringresistant hardwood, these small, sturdy bowls Using a ladle requires a slightly differentinclude small beans or grains, beads,invite many uses in the classroom: transferring, grasp and movement than using acorks, or cotton balls. sorting, or counting work, or for serving or spoon. This ladle provides a variationdisplay. Food-safe finish; hand wash. Eachand a new challenge for the child.piece is unique; size may vary. 4" longG254$3.00 Square Bowl 3" sq.; 1" deepG84$6.95Round Bowl 3" dia.; 1" deepClear Acrylic Spoon G76 6.95Made of clear, durable acrylic, this little spoon coordinates with any activity, is easy to hold, and hasBambooa generous bowl. 5" long.Condiment Cup EachG107$1.50 Colorful Flower Dish This small bowl is ideal 6 or MoreG1071.00SAVE Whether used for food preparation, transferring, or forfor holding small art a dab of polish, this attractive ceramic sauce dish is asmaterials, beads, spices, beautiful as it is useful. Dish interior looks like a flower.and more. Hand wash. 2" 2" dia.; 1" high. Specify color: orange, yellow, blue,dia.; " deep.red, and lime green.Spooning ActivitiesEach G116$2.50G527$3.25Combine (and recombine) these enticing components to create spooning variationsMix orA naturalto challenge your children all year. Ages 3+.match choice!Items may vary.! pieces!Set includes: 2 Glass Bowls (G302) Demi-Spoon (G252)2 Maple DishesMini Ladle (G254) 2 Small Souffl Dishes (G242) Olivewood Mustard Spoon (G251)3 Medium-Size Trays (T250) Items to TransferMaple Dish Set PL36$43.00 Use these small bowls for sorting and transferring activities or to hold beads for math work. Solid maple, with a mineral oil finish. 2" dia.; " deep. 4 PiecesG526$13.9516 Practical Life - TransferringMontessoriServices.com877-975-3003'