b'Flower ArrangingNEW!Glass Bottles & TraySo many practical life possibilities! While these pieces were designed to be used together as a centerpiece, we love that each item could find purpose in the classroom. The sturdy glass bottles range from 4"7" and can be used as individual vases or in a flower arranging activity. They also would work well for pouring exercises. Set also includes a rustic, unfinished wooden tray (7" x 9"; 1" high).7 PiecesG325$19.95Emerald Mister EasyThis mister is easy for smallArranger Set children to use for leaf washingThese wire grids bring or mushroom spritzing. The smallorder and harmony diameter (1") of the plasticto the art of flower bottle enables a child to hold itarranging. Simply with one hand while pressing theplace a grid over the top pump-top with the other. Ages 3+.of a vase, bowl, or dish. ! CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not forBend the edges to fit, and under 3 yrs.insert flowers into the openings. 5" highSC608$2.25 Its easy, with beautiful results. Hand woven from galvanized steel wire. Set of 3: 4", 5", and 6" dia. Recycled Green Glass Vase Set 3 PiecesG303$12.95Sold as a set of three, each of these sturdy, recycled glass vases has a different shape. Ideal for flower arranging. 3" high.3 PiecesG293$13.95Flower Arranging Activity Children will love to beautify their surroundings by applying their cutting, pouring, and sequencing skills. Set includes:NEW!Cotton Lace Doily4 Cloths Mini Galvanized Watering CanSmall DoilyCut Flower Container The unobstructed top opening makes this Italian Bistro Pitcher (G608) 4 Assorted Vases4" Glass Bowl (G306) Flowered Cloth Apron durable metal watering can easy to fill. Children Stainless Steel Funnel (G239)Fiskars Scissors (A48) will feel be able to lift and carry this watering Fast Food Tray (T180) Sponge can with ease. 10" (from spout to handle). Holds Vinyl Matapprox. 3 cups. PL21$62.00 4" dia.; 4" highSC679$13.95Apron fabric & activity color will vary. Components will be similar. Check onlinefor updates.Jarware Flower FrogMake flower arranging easy by transforming a standard 16- or 32-oz. canning jar into a sturdy flower vase. Simply snap the plastic grid into your metal ring and screw it onto the jar. Place one stem in each opening and watch the bouquet take shape! 3" dia. (Canning jar/ring not included.)EachSC827 $3.95Set of 2SC8436.95SAVE !See p. 2.16 Practical Life - Flower ArrangingMontessoriServices.com877-975-3003'