b'Land & Water Forms Three-Part Photo Cards,Definition Cards & BookletsPresent key land and water form images to children who have experienced the Montessori Land and Water Form activities and are ready for the next skill level. First, use the Three-Part Photo Cards for identifying and reading A the names of different land and water forms. All photos isolate their subject. When children are ready, introduce the corresponding Definition Cards, which include a three-part card set, a two-part card set, and a control card for each subject. From Maitri Learning. Control card with label measures 3" x 4". Use with Three-Part Card Pockets (L536, p. 57). Laminated to edge, not beyond. Ages 28.B A. Set 1 Three-Part Photo CardsFollows the traditional Montessori pairings; 10 subjects,such as island and lake. iC737$19.95B. Set 1 Definition CardsC Introduce these laminated cards when children are readyto exercise logic and use reading and comprehension skills. 10 subjects.C75$20.95 ContinentsSet of 7 BooksC. Set 2 Three-Part Photo Cards Where could you sail along the worlds longest river? Expands childrens geography vocabulary to include Africa. Where could you watch penguins slide across thick 10 more subjects such as glacier, desert, and mesa. i ice? Antarctica, of course. Each book in this set draws C739$19.95 in early readers with an intriguing fact question, then D satisfies their curiosity with photos and more details about Set 2 Definition Cards the land, animals, and people. Includes world and continent Cards are laminated. 10 subjects (shown online). political maps, cool facts, glossary, and further resources. Paperback, 32 pages each. Ages 4+.C77$20.95 7 TitlesC60$55.00Land & Water Forms BookletsCorresponds to the Three-Part Photo and DefinitionCards. The perfect control for definition card work. TheseFind more Geography itemslaminated, spiral-bound booklets lay flat. 5" x 4". like Continent Map Writing20 pages each.(C407) on our website.D. Set 1 BookletC78$13.95E E. Set 2 BookletC7913.95Earth PuzzleSee Earth the way the astronauts dofrom space! The sturdy pieces of this wooden puzzle are large enough so children can manage them easily. Piecing them together, however, takes a bit of thought because so much of Earth is covered by ocean. A hands-on lesson in geography for the youngest learners, this is a puzzle you will enjoy for years. With 12 wooden pieces, the finishedLearning Aboutpuzzle measures 11" dia. IncludesLandformsSet of 5 Booksdrawstring storage bag. Ages 3+. From caves and valleys to mountains, islands, and volcanoes, C215$16.95 Earth is filled with an awe-inspiring array of landforms. These beautifully photographed books take young readers on a journey across Earths varied landscapes, introducing each one in a consistent, organized, and engaging format. Each has a glossary and additional resources. A natural complement to the Montessori Elementary curriculum, these books also touch on key environmental issues that raise awareness and inspire classroom discussion. Paperback, 32 pages each. Ages 59.5 TitlesC365$44.75 Individual titles available online 70 Geography - The WorldMontessoriServices.com877-975-3003'