b'ABApple Serving Activity Making a snack of fresh apple slices is a fun way to apply a new skill; Carrot Peeling ActivityFruit Wedger/Corer serving the snack allows children to use a new Grace and Courtesy Just add carrots! This complete set provides everythingThis tool has always fascinated young children; it willlesson. Cloth apron is sized for ages 35. Items may vary. Ages 4+.needed to peel, cut, and serve. Ages 5+, with adultcore and slice apples or pears in one motion. ThisSet includes: Fruit Wedger/Corer (D312) Spongesupervision. Items may vary. version features a push plate that pushes the cut fruitGlass PlateVinyl Mat (X608)Set includes:up and out, keeping the blades away from fingers.3 Cotton ClothsFast Food Tray (T180)Glass or Porcelain PlateVinyl Mat (X608) Young children may need a little help cutting theirCloth Apple Apron (D379) Swiss Vegetable Peeler (D424)Fast Food Tray (T185) way through an apple, but the results are well worth it.Vegetable Chopper with Wooden Handle (D325)Small Bamboo Cutting Board (D349) SpongeRaised, comfy rubbery handles. Sturdy plastic frameApple Serving ActivityPL71$58.50Vegetable Chopper with Wooden Handle (D325)with stainless steel blades. 7" x 4". Ages 4+. Apple Apron onlyD37916.95PL23$29.95A. D312$10.50Banana Slicer Order by color! The youngest chef can safely help make snacks or fruit salad with this clever plastic tool. It makes fast work of cutting firm bananas into perfect pieces. Easy-to-clean, dishwasher safe. 10" long. Ages 2+.B. D310$4.95Blades nest in base for storage.Stackable Egg SlicerSlicing hard-boiled eggs is just as fun as eating them with this trio of stackable tools. Simply place the egg in the holder and gently push down to create uniform slices, wedges, or halves. Extended handles and non-Swiss Vegetable Peeler slip bottoms ensure stability; sturdy metal wires slice NEW!Vegetable Scrubber smoothly and evenly. Great for prepping strawberries and Featuring an easy-grip handle and a carbon-steel blade, this peeler is very easy to use. Suited for right- Scrub carrots, potatoes, zucchinis and more! Stiffmushrooms, too. Dishwasher safe. 2" high. Ages 4+.or left-handed use. Includes a potato-eye remover onbristles for scrubbing carrots & potatoes and softer4 PiecesD311$14.95the side. Hand wash. Color may vary. Ages 5+, withbristles for more delicate veggies (mushrooms, adult supervision.etc.). The shape of the beechwood handle is easy to grasp. Natural tampico bristles. 5" x 1". Ages 3+.WhiteD316 $5.95 W24$8.95 OrangeD4245.95GreenD4255.95Egg Slicing Activity 3 piece set Children love serving sliced eggs on round crackers to their friendssuccess is ensured with this set. The Egg Slicer has a non-slip plastic base; 4" dia. x 1" high. The Kids Nylon Knife Set Porcelain Egg Cup has a 1" top dia. and is 2" high. Items may vary. Ages 4+. Just the right size! Children can slice bread,Set includes: cheese, vegetables, fruit, and other foods withoutPorcelain Egg Cup (G219)Glass Plateworry! Safe for children, the plastic knives in thisFast Food Tray (T180)Vinyl Mat (X608) set feature serrated blades, blunt tips, and non- 3" Glass Bowl (G302)Spongeslip grips to make food preparation a little easier.Egg Slicer (D335) Dishwasher safe. 8", 9", and 10" long. AccentEgg Slicing Activity PL40$26.95color may vary. Ages 4+. Egg Slicer only D335 4.95 3 Pieces D49$9.95 Porcelain Egg Cup only G219 3.00 Add a yellow apron from page 19 MontessoriServices.com877-975-3003 Practical Life - Food Preparation31'