b'CADB EFFiskars Drill with BitsHandy Saw Set Children can easily and safely drill holes into wood held inIdeal for learners, this keyhole saw has two blades: a vise with this small hand drill. With a comfortable gripsmall teeth for small wood and big teeth for big and smooth-turning crank, it comes with four sizes of bits.wood. Start children sawing dowels and twigs using For right-handed use. Ages 5+.! CHOKING HAZARD (1).the Fine-Tooth metal blade; with 24 teeth per inch, Not for under 3 yrs. See page 2. it will not jam. Move on to sawing bigger pieces for A. 5" long (without bit)V531$29.95 practice and projects using the Coarse-Tooth wood blade; 10 teeth per inch. Always use a vise to hold the Safety Glasseswood so children can keep both hands on the handle Young carpenters should wear eye protection designed for(away from the blade). Handle is 4"; blades are 6". small faces when sawing, drilling, or hammering. ChildrenAges 5+ with adult supervision.can put these on just like eyeglasses. Wrap-around,E. Handy Saw Set V560$7.95Young Carpenters Set scratch-resistant lenses. Adjustable over-the-ear pieces.Fine-Tooth Blade only V510A1.95Perfect for little builders, this sturdily crafted leather Color may vary. Ages 312.Coarse-Tooth Blade onlyV510B1.95Tool Belt is sure to be a hit. Adjustable belt with B. 4" x 2"V513$5.95 hammer loop is 30" long. The pockets can hold nails Compact Levelor other small tools; 5" x 5". Ages 48. This professional, lightweight level features horizontal, Sanding Blockvertical, and diagonal bubbles. Introduce the conceptSet includes:After sawing, children can smooth rough edges with thisby using the level on a table or shelf; then confirm theTool Belt (V505)Hammer (V508) sanding block. Designed for children to hold with tworesults by placing a marble or ball on the same surfaceSafety Glasses (V513)hands while sanding objects held in the vise. Sandpaperand watching it roll (or not!). Sturdy plastic. Ages 4+.Young Carpenters SetV535$35.95 covers three sides of the block. Use the edges for sandingF. 9" x 1"V59$4.95 Tool Belt onlyV50523.95small areas. From Laughing Star Montessori. Ages 3+. C. 4" x 2"; " thickV516$5.50 Hammer Lightweight (8 oz. head), this real hammer is strong enough to withstand continual classroom use. For younger children, mark the handle with tape to indicate where to hold. As eye-hand coordination develops, children can hold the handle further from the head for more leverage. 3" wide head. Ages 4+.D. 9" overallV508$6.95SALEWork Bench with Vise All carpenters need a work space and a place forWonderful Woodworking their tools. This Work Bench provides just thefor Childrenright amount of space children ages 36 need.Previously published as Children Can Build Designed for classroom use, it is very sturdy. DurableWritten by a Montessori teacher, this invaluable resource hardwood work surface and lacquered 22" high pineshows adults how to successfully introduce woodworking base, with a detachable framed pegboard and lowerto young children. Chapters cover philosophy, safety, tools, shelf for storage. Some assembly is required. Comesequipment, and supplies; activities and nomenclature with a pre-mounted vise (style may vary). From LORDcards; introduction to tool uses; preparation; and 10 step-Company. Please note: Allow 46 weeks for delivery.by-step projects. Information is presented thoroughly Cannot be shipped outside the contiguous U.S.and sequentially for implementation by adults of any 27" x 15" overall; 42" highV504A$445.00 woodworking skill level. From Laughing Star Montessori. Paperback, 37 pages.Caution:Adult discretion and supervision are necessary whenTools sold separately. V498$20.00children are using items marked with this symbol; these items are real tools, not playthings, and have (or contain) functional sharp points and/or sharp edges.MontessoriServices.com877-975-3003 Practical Life - Tools & Woodworking31'