b'Traditional Sweeping Set This charming set is perfectly proportioned for the young child intent on cleaning up. The metal dustpan and wood-handled brush are reminiscent of a bygone era. The curved dustpan lip fits securely against the floor. This set will get the job done! Brush: 8" overall. Dustpan: 6" x 9". Ages 3+. 2 PiecesQ16$17.95Dusting Activity NEW!MagneticA shelf-ready set of two popular child-size Countertop Brushdusting tools and our cotton flannel Dusting Compact& Dustpan Cloths Set: one dozen 6" sq. cloths with neatly Brush &A modern spin on a traditional tabletop crumber.serged edges. Flannel pattern and color may vary. The 6" wood-handled Dusting Brush has Dustpan Completely enclosed magnets hold the plastic- natural, non-scratching bristles. This set makes ithandled brush securely in the plastic dustpan for easy for childrencompact storage. The half-inch high back and slopingSet includes: sides of the dustpan keep crumbs secure for their tripDusting Cloths Set (PC14) to clean up. With ato the trashcan. The compact size (3" x 3") is perfectLambswool Duster (Q70) no-slip, ergonomicElliptical Bamboo Basket (K16)handle, this high- for small hands. Dusting Brush (Q10) quality brush captures fine dust2 PiecesQ06$6.95 Dusting Activity PL14$18.95and crumbs. JustDusting Cloths onlyPC14 9.95press down on theSmall Dusting Brush onlyQ10 2.50handle-less dustpan to make the rubber lip sitCrumb SetWARNING: Cancer or birth defects flush with the floor. Brush storesIs it my turn to crumb the www.P65Warnings.ca.govin dustpan. Brush: 7" overall.table? This petite set is Dustpan: 6" x 5". Ages 4+.perfect for table-top 2 PiecesQ73$8.95 crumbing. The dustpan and stiff-bristled brush both haveLambswool Duster wooden handles.Children will love cleaning in Carpet SweeperStainless steel.corners, around windows, or Sure to delight, this sweeper is a real toolnot a toy! Handle5" x 5". Agesunderneath shelves with this adjusts from 26" to 37" (remove or add sections) for growing3+.! CHOKINGhandy duster. Lambswool, with its children. Works on indoor/outdoor and low pile carpetHAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.natural lanolin content, attracts dust and holds Plastic bumper helps protect baseboards from exuberant2 PiecesQ12$9.95 onto it. Ages 3+.sweeping. Folds flat to reach under furniture. Bottom flaps9" overallQ70$4.50flip open for easy emptying. No power cord, bags, or noise! Metal base & handle. Color may vary. Ages 2+. A10" x 7"Q46$32.00Sold as dozensExtends to 29".of the same color!B Polish/Dust Cloths Mitts & ClothsIdeal for dusting or polishing, these light cotton flannel Mitts and Cloths are perfect for classrooms. Two or three of a childs fingers fit perfectly in each small Mitt (1" x 2"). Excellent for dusting classroom items like maps, Metal Insets, or other knobbed materials. Serged edges prevent fraying on the Cloths (4" sq.). Each set has 12 pieces. Specify color: pink, green, light blue, or yellow (shade may vary). Extendable DusterA. Dozen Mitts same colorPM12$8.95Remove dust from even the most hard-to-reach B. Dozen Coths same colorPC128.50 places with this unique tool. The telescoping handle extends from 10" to 29". The bendable head (5") accommodates everything from crown molding to baseboards. The removable microfiber cover is machine washable. Assorted colors. Ages 4+, with adult supervision.!See page 2. EachQ85$4.95MontessoriServices.com877-975-3003 Practical Life - Cleaning Up21'