b'Pre-Packaged Activity Sets Save TimeA teachers time is precious! Setting up your Montessori Primaryclassroom is a big undertakinglet us help. Stock your Practical Life area with our color-coded, shelf-ready Classroom Activity Sets. Trained Montessori teachers select components to ensure sets are complete, visually pleasing, and developmentally appropriate. We also offer time-saving sets for preparing other areas of yourclassroom environment. Individual items in sets may vary.Practical Life Basic Exercises Practical Life Variations Classroom Assortments Walking on the Linep. 4E30$30.50 & Extensions Work Rugs.p. 4GC07$170.75Pouring Ricep. 12PL0117.95 Pouring Variation 1p. 13PL32$11.95 Finished Felt Mats p. 5X60428.00Pouring Waterp. 12PL0216.95 Pouring Variation 2.p. 13PL3310.95 Vinyl Mats.p. 5X60914.00Pouring Water Ex. 1.p. 12PL6810.95 Pouring Variation 3.p. 13PL6915.50 Natural Fiber Baskets.p. 6GC0250.00Pouring Water Ex. 2p. 12PL0422.95 Spooning Activities.p. 16PL3643.00 Plastic Trays.p. 8GC0165.00Pouring Water Ex. 3p. 12PL0531.50 Large Tongs Activities .p. 17PL7330.50 Displaysp. 10X63641.50Table Setting.p. 15PL6265.00 Small Tongs Activitiesp. 17PL3732.00 Plastic Boxes.p. 11GC03112.50Operating a Dropperp. 18PL0815.00 Using Chopsticks.p. 18PL5518.00 Scissors (Fiskars Classroom Pack)p. 52A5839.75Table Washingp. 19PL1559.95 Window Washing .p. 22PL45019.50 Dishwashingp. 20PL7888.95 All Classroom AssortmentsGC100$521.50Cloth Washingp. 20PL2299.95 Egg Slicing.p. 31PL4026.95Foldingp. 20PL1337.00 Citrus Squeezingp. 33PL6724.95 Sensorial SetsHand Washingp. 21PL1275.00 Grinding Activityp. 33PL6522.95 Blindfolds.p. 48Y320$20.95Small Crumb Setp. 23Q129.99 Lacingp. 35V40023.00 Mystery Bag & Blindfoldp. 48SM0620.95Sweeping Activity.p. 23PL2065.00 Running Stitch .p. 35V40229.00 Sensitizing the Fingertips.p. 48SM0121.00Making a Cotton Applicator.p. 24PL729.99 Button Sewingp. 35V40434.00 Nuts & Boltsp. 49Y205.95Metal Polishing.p. 24PL1784.00 Embroideryp. 35V40634.00Sorting Beads.p. 49SM0814.50Silver Polishing.p. 24PL1884.00 All 3 "Boards of Education"p. 36V1299.75 Tasting Bottles & Tray.p. 49Y7045.00Wood Polishingp. 25PL1698.99 Pouring/TransferringSmelling Bottles & Trayp. 49Y20180.00Shoe/Leatherp. 25PL5489.99 Exercises Replacementsp. 39PL7660.00Color Mixingp. 50Y3038.50Polishing Exercises Replacements.p. 26PL7499.99 All Variations & Extensions PL200$536.00 All Sensorial SetsSM100$246.85Flower Arranging.p. 27PL2170.99Carrot Peeling.p. 31PL2329.95 Language SetsAll Our Practical Life Activity Sets 100 Half-Inch Booklet Rings.p. 60L742$ 14.00Apple Serving.p. 31PL7158.50 Includes all Basic Exercises (PL100) and all 100 One-Inch Booklet Rings . p. 60L74417.00Opening & Closing.p. 38PL7726.95 Variations & Extensions (PL200). Metal Inset Paper.p. 60LM01140.00Pouring Exercises Replacementsp. 39PL7568.00 Using Scissors.p. 52PL1035.95 PL300$1939.94 Colored Pencils p. 61LM02103.99Pencil Holders.p. 61LC15115.00All Basic Exercises PL100$1403.94 SAVE! Ask about our Start-Up Classroom Discount. Sharpening a Pencilp. 61LM0828.00Phonetic Object Box 1p. 63LM0334.00Phonetic Object Box 2 p. 63LM0412.00 WARNING: Cancer or birth defectsJust getting started?Wondering what or howThe Article Game.p. 67LM0515.99 www.P65Warnings.ca.gov much to order? We invite teachers to call us for a freeThe Conjunction Gamep. 67LM0722.00consultation with an experienced Montessori teacher.All Language Sets LM100$501.98! WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD1-877-975-3003, M-F, 8:00-4:30 Pacific TimeSmall parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.Replacements for Pouring ExercisesIncluded in PL1004 Small Glass Creamers (G214)2 Glass Decanters (G210)2 Italian Bistro Pitchers8 oz. (G607)2 Pinch Decanters (G236)2 Oyster Cups (G240)Glass Pitcher with Lid (G274)PL75$68.00 SAVEReplacements for Pouring &Transferring ExercisesIncluded in PL200Please note: Items2 Oyster Cups (G240)2 Lotus Dishes (G246) in kits may vary2 Hexagon Dishes (G72) 2 Small Glass Decanters (G210) 4" Glass Bowl (G306)2 Small Souffle Dishes (G242) from those shown. 2 Wavy Ramekins (G33)Medium Souffle Dish (G244) 2" Glass Bowl (G300)2 Glass Bowls3" (G302) 2 Tiny Porcelain Pitchers (G223)PL76$60.00 SAVEMontessoriServices.com877-975-3003 Practical Life - Activity Sets39'