b'The Article GameIs it a bug or the bug? Is it the only one? With these simpleSeven Prepositions questions and a boxLearning that words have different functions is a of small objects, young children can beginkey to understanding language. These cards help to understand the function of words and thechildren learn seven words that describe the structure of our language. An engaging hands- relationships between objects. Labeled picture on way to successfully illustrate the differencecards show the location of a ball in relation to between a and the. Durable, waterproofa basket: in, on, above, behind, in front, beside, labels, 2" x 1". Ages 4+.! CHOKING HAZARDunder. Introduce the concept with a real basket (1). Not for under 3 yrs. and ball. For a three-part card reading activity, Set includes: cut apart the duplicate set of cards. Children 1 each of 2 Objectscan use photocopied 2 of 1 Objectreplicards (4" xThe Conjunction Game3 each of 2 Objects5", after cutting)Save yourself the set-up and prep time by using this set for one of Word Labelsto make booklets. Plastic Box (B106) for Objectsthe key Montessori Function of Words (grammar) activities. Youll be Plastic Box (B530) for LabelsIncludes 14 laminatedable to show concretely how the conjunction ties words and thoughts Presentation Suggestions picture cards (2" xtogether! This hands-on experience facilitates reading comprehension LM05$13.95 4"). From In-Print and supports success. Durable, waterproof labels. Ages 4+. Color for Children. may vary.! CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.Ages 4+. Set includes:L115$14.95 3 Flowers of Different ColorsMedium-Size Tray (T250) Poetry is language at itsWord Labels3 Pinch Decanters (G236) best. We offer severalBox for LabelsPink Ribbon excellent books includingPresentation SuggestionsPoetry Speaks to ChildrenLM07$18.95(L122) on our website.Function of WordsGrammar SetWorking with the Function of Words activities is an absolutely essential step in the young childs progression toward becoming entirely comfortable with, and fluent in, the written and spoken word. This invaluable set includes 232 laminated word, phrase, or photo cards. Instructions describe 18 sequential Function of Words activities, including the article (includes photo cards), adjective, verb, adverb,Word Study Cardsconjunction, preposition, and commands.Word study activities help children become deep readers.For initial presentations, the part of speechWith these 11 packets of cards (142 in all!), children will have ample being introduced is printed in text color-codedroom to explore the English language. Each packet includes left-to the grammar symbol (e.g., red for verbs,handed and right-handed cards. Children lay out a left-handed orange for adverb, pink for conjunction, etc.).column of cards and then figure out which right-handed cards Ready-to-cut-out cardstock grammar symbolsmatch (e.g., pan and cake, rich and wealthy, cat and kitten).Soon are scaled to these labels. Word and photochildren will be creating their own lists.cards are 2" x 1"; phrase cards are 5" x 1".The 6 basic sets include: Antonyms 1; Antonyms 2; Synonyms; All cards are laminated, except the grammarCompound Words; Homonyms; and Contractions. By process of symbols. From Maitri Learning. Ages 4+. elimination, these sets are self-correcting. The 5 other sets each Grammar symbolsL508$99.95 come with a control chart: Animals/Groups; Animals/Homes; are ready toAnimals/Young (pictured); Masculine & FeminineHumans; and cut out.Masculine & FeminineAnimals.The laminated cards are approximately 2" x 1"; control charts are 4" x 5". Lesson plans included. From Maitri Learning. Ages !See p. 2. 48. iL553$69.95 64 Language Development - Function of WordsMontessoriServices.com877-975-3003'