b'AnatomyExterior Body Labels"Neck, torso, arm." Use these 11 body labels to teach the basic parts of the exterior body. Set includes durable labels, a labeled control card, and a cardstock replicard. Children can match labels (3" x " after cutting) to the replicard (8" x 11"), then check against the control card (8" x 11"). From In-Print for Children. Ages 36.SC468$9.50Can you Whats hear it? Inside Hear the Beat Animals While you are awakewhile you are asleepReveal theyour heart is always beating. This authenticconnection Stethoscope will allow children to discoverbetween 16 their heartbeatsa calming activity becauseanimals and they must listen very carefully. Scope istheir bonesFront (backlit)chrome-plated with white polyethylene earwith this tips; flexible, plastic tubing (color may vary). 24"exciting tool for vertebrate comparisons. First view long. Ages 4+.!CHOKING HAZARD (1). Notthe animal photo; then shine a light through the for under 3 yrs. See p. 2. card to reveal a silhouette of the skeleton; next turn the card over to see the skeleton in detail. Sorting, Once children have heard their heartbeat, theymatching, and classification possibilities are endless. might be curious about just how it works? HearBig, durable plastic cards with images sealed under Your Heart introduces a clear, accessible looka scratch-resistant coating. 16 subject cards have all at the heart and circulatory system. Includesclasses of vertebratesincluding a human. 8" x 10". activities and resources. Paperback, 33 pages.Ages 4+.Ages 5-9. SC118$36.50NEW! Stethoscope SC300 $14.99 Front BackHear Your Heart SC326.99True-to-Life Human X-Rays Bones of the Childs SkeletonMake aChildren can feel their bones from the outside,Use this set to teach the scientific names of 23 key bones from 5\' 6" through their skin and muscle. This x-ray sethead (skull) to toe (phalanges). Bones are labeled and highlighted skeleton! shows children what their bones actuallyon a skeleton proportioned like a six-year-old child. The 23 coated look like. Assemble a skeleton or guess whichcardstock cards measure 2" x 6". (Use Box B703, page 11.) body parts belong to which bones. Includes 18Children can make and label their own Parts of a Skeleton images printed on heavy, transparent plasticbooklets using blank skeleton outlines photocopied from the and a resource page with activity suggestions.replicard (8" x 11"). From In-Print for Children. Ages 4+.Ages 5+. SC489$22.5018 Pieces SC09$35.99Legs & feet x-rays are included!82 Science - AnatomyMontessoriServices.com877-975-3003'