b'LittleA B Lotus ChimeThis two-piece bell is the essence of simplicity. Sacred Places of the World With careful presentation, young children can Working with these cards transports children to ancientlearn the respectful manner needed to strike the sites, where they will explore the cherished monuments ofbell lightly, producing an enchanting sound.past civilizations. By learning about these sacred places, children will come to understand that humans throughoutThis hand-cast brass chime is imported by a Fair history have had a need to express themselves spiritually,Trade company. Base (3" dia.), stand, and striker and still do today.(3" long) are made of polished wood which Includes 24 Sacred Places cards (4 cards for each of 6shows the fine grain; 3" high overall. Ages 3+. continents) and 7 continent cards (31 cards in all). PlasticC323$42.00 cards have rounded corners; 4" x 2". From Laughing Star Montessori. (Use Box B106, page 11.) iA. Primary Photo/Label CardsShows photo, place name, and continent symbol.Ages 36.NWSP$44.00B. Elementary Photo/Sentence CardsShows photo, short sentence, and continent symbol. Japanese Sand GardenAges 6+.NWSE$44.00 In Japan, Buddhists rake sand in stone gardens as a meditative act. Ours is a tabletop version, yet its effect can be just as peaceful. After seeing a careful demonstration, children can rake a pattern in the fine sand and select a place for each stone. The simplicity of this experience is powerful yet calming. A wonderful addition to a quiet corner. Includes a wood-framed Sand Garden (12" x 7"), 2 rakes, sand, rocks, and a booklet of meditations. Items may vary. With careful presentation, ages 4+.!A Handful of QuietSand GardenC531$28.95Happiness in Four Pebbles Replacement Sand onlyC5366.50Zen master and Nobel Peace Prize nominee Thich Nhat Hanh has created a very simple meditation for children. Being able to hold a pebble and think about what it might symbolize gives young, energetic children a way to quiet their bodies as they learn Good People Everywhereto quiet their minds. This book, along with some This sweet and gentle book celebrates the good work ofbeautiful stones (not included), would be a lovelyAall kinds of peoplemothers who cook meals for theiraddition to a peace corner. Some of the pages can family, musicians who create beautiful music, childrenbe cut out and made into cards. Includes easy-to-who comfort each other, and many more. Through lovelyunderstand instructions, further resources, anlanguage and luminous illustrations, this book encouragesactivity, and a song with score. Spiral-bound children to think about all the ways we can support eachhardcover, 62 pages. Ages 4+. other. Hardcover, 32 pages. Ages 26.R163$14.95R164$15.95 Honoring the Light of the ChildActivities to Nurture Peaceful Living Skillsin Young Children BThe children especially relate to the concept of the love lighta simple yellow felt circle The love light gives them a concrete symbol to express who they arebeings filled with love and light. Offer these 22 concrete activities and you will laugh and play together, while creatingZenergy Chimesa nurturing classroom environment where children can successfullyWith the lightest touch of the mallet, a pure musical develop cooperation, self-confidence, and conflict-resolution skills.tone will linger in the air to summon ears (and eyes, Includes lyrics and downloadable audio files for the 14 songsperhaps) to the source. Resonant sounds like this, described in the book. Montessorian Sonnie McFarland considersoften used in meditation, help us focus and redirect honoring the light of the child to be one of the most compellingour attention within. Chimes are suspended above actions we can take at this time in human history. From Parent Childa hardwood base. Comes with a mallet and care Press. Paperback, 121 pages. i instructions. Ages 4+.Includes downloadable music! R200$24.95 A. Solo 7" x 2"; 1" highR160$12.95B. Trio 7" x 3"; 1" highR16229.95MontessoriServices.com877-975-3003 Education for Peace97'