b'Education for PeaceA true citizen of the world, Dr. Maria Montessori told us, The child is both a hope and a promise for mankind. With an implicit emphasis on peace in her writings, Montessori provides us with a sense of vision as we direct our own work. Her vision was to create an obstacle-free environment within which children could fully realize their potentialsas individuals and members of communities. Montessori teachers are in a unique position to introduce practical tools for individual and community peacemaking and to help children incorporate the abstract concept of peace into their own lives.A Little Japanese Sand GardenLotus ChimeThis two-piece bell is the essence of simplicity.In Japan, Buddhists rake sand in stone gardens as a With careful presentation, young children canmeditative act. Ours is a tabletop version, yet its effect can learn the respectful manner needed to strike thebe just as peaceful. After seeing a careful demonstration, bell lightly, producing an enchanting sound. children can rake a pattern in the fine sand and select a place B This hand-cast brass chime is imported by a Fairfor each stone. The simplicity of this experience is powerful Trade company. Base (3" dia.), stand, and strikeryet calming. A wonderful addition to a quiet corner. Includes (3" long) are made of polished wood whicha wood-framed Sand Garden (12" x 7"), 2 wooden rakes, shows the fine grain; 3" high overall. Ages 3+.sand, rocks, and a booklet of meditations. With careful presentation, ages 4+.! CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for Sacred Places of the World C323$29.95 under 3 yrs. See p. 2.Working with these cards transports children to ancient sites,Sand GardenC531$23.95where they will explore the cherished monuments of pastReplacement Sand onlyC5365.95civilizations. By learning about these sacred places, children will come to understand that humans throughout history have had a need to express themselves spiritually, and still do today. Includes 24 Sacred Places cards (4 cards for each of 6 continents) and 7 continent cards (31 cards in all). Plastic cards have rounded corners; 4" x 2". From Laughing StarAMontessori. (Use Box B106, page 11.) iA. Primary Photo/Label CardsShows photo, place name, and continent symbol.Ages 36.NWSP$40.00 BB. Elementary Photo/Sentence Cards Tabletop A Handful of Quiet Shows photo, short sentence, and continent symbol. LabyrinthsHappiness in Four PebblesAges 6+. Long used as a NWSE$40.00 meditation and prayer tool,Zen master and Nobel Peace Prize nominee Thich Nhat Hanh has created a very simple meditation for tracing a labyrinth path is calming for adults andchildren. Being able to hold a pebble and think about children. These personal finger labyrinths arewhat it might symbolize gives young, energetic Want to know all aboutperfect for your peace table. Cast in a lightweightchildren a way to quiet their bodies as they learn labyrinths? 108 Ways to Useresin-based material, we offer two styles. Theto quiet their minds. This book, along with some Labyrinths in Schools (R42) isancient 7-circuit Cretan Labyrinth was once usedbeautiful stones (not included), would be a lovely a wonderful resource. Find iton Cretan coins; cast iron finish. The 11-circuitaddition to a peace corner. Some of the pages can Chartres Labyrinth is modeled after the labyrinthbe cut out and made into cards. Includes easy-to-(and more) on our website. on the floor of Chartres Cathedral in France;understand instructions, further resources, an activity, bronze finish. 7" in dia. x ". Ages 4+. and a song with score. Spiral-bound hardcover, 62 A. CretanC290$62.00 pages. Ages 4+. B. ChartresC29262.00 R163$14.95MontessoriServices.com877-975-3003 Education for Peace97'