b'20 puzzle 350 reusable pairs!geometric pieces!Create andre-create!3-D Feel & FindTactile Matching GameAn exciting mystery game for hands and minds! Fit a shape into its matching puzzle tile, identify a shape (or a tile) inside the bag by touch alone, The Original Colorforms Set or sort the easily recognized shapes by color. ThisMagnetic GeoformChildren will be delighted with the variety of pictures andabsorbing activity nurtures the childs sensoryChildren will enjoy designing pictures and patterns theyll be able to create with this classic, reusable artexplorations with a series of fun visual, spatial, andpatterns with this open-ended activity. material. The stick-on, vinyl geometric shapes adhere to anytactile variations. 20 matching shapes and puzzleStrong magnets cover the back of the glossy surface and peel off without leaving a trace. Design ontiles (40 pieces in all) and a drawstring storage bag.colorful, wooden pieces. The magnetic, windows, mirrors, and, of course, the reversible design board 2" dia. tiles. Ages 36.! dry-erase design boards are part of the (14" x 11"). Travels well; the spiral-bound storage binder Y88$35.00hinged storage case (11" sq.). Includes 42 (12" x 14") holds all 350 pieces. Ages 3+.! shapes, case with handle, and 24 coated A302$32.95 design cards (3" sq.). Ages 4+.!Y132$39.95Making Sense of the WorldMontessori designed her SensorialExplore the materials so each isolates a singleStack & Sort Boardsenses from a sensory quality (e.g., color, sound,Reinforce concepts of shapes,child\'s perspective colors, and numbers. At first, youngin I Hear a Pickle taste), which allows childrenchildren will focus on stacking the pieces on the to explore a material in termsposts. Soon theyll be counting as they stack! All(Y225, online).of differences, similarities, andwood. 13" long; 4" high overall. Ages 24. gradations. Then children learn theY411$17.75 vocabulary for their experiences (e.g., yellow, loud, bitter). With this preparation, children can proceedPattern PlayColor by Designwith confidence into the world- An inviting addition to your classroom, with at-large, better able to explorepossibilities for color or size sorting and matching, as well as fine motor exercise whatever they encounter. and open-ended design work. The wooden blocks are the same shapeonly the length and color vary. Children can fit all the blocks into the wooden tray like a puzzle, build free-form designs on a mat or in the tray, or match a pattern shown on one of 40 small design cards. Includes 40 blocks (4 each of 10 colors), a 10" tray, and cloth storage bag. Ages 3+.!Y202$39.95Geo Board ActivityChildren will develop and refine small motor control as they stretch rubber bands to make shapes and patterns. A classic choice for experimenting with geometric shapes, this board has 16 smooth wooden pegs. Pegs without heads add challenge. Finished birch plywood. 7" sq. Comes with 1.5 oz. of rubber bands. Ages 4+.!Geo Board ActivityV16$24.95Rubber Bands onlyV212.50 ! WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.MontessoriServices.com877-975-3003 Sensorial - Color & Shape51'