b'Sequential Sewing ActivitiesDeveloped by an experienced Montessori teacher, this series includes four basic activities. Presentation suggestions and extensions included. Items may vary.All 4 Sequential Sewing Activities Save when you order all four: Lacing, Running Stitch, Embroidery, and Button Sewing.!Set of All 4V417$89.95SAVERunning Stitch Exercise Learn to control running stitch length: remove one thread from the burlap, so children have a guide to follow. Ages 4+.!Set includes: Elliptical Embroidery Hoop4 Burlap PiecesTomato Pincushion (V30)3 Tapestry NeedlesKinder Scissors (A158)Crochet ThreadBasket Presentation SuggestionsV402$22.95Lacing Exercise Introduce the running stitch with needle, satin cord, and pre-punched sturdy fabric. Tie beads at end ofButton Sewing Exercise cord instead of knotting. Ages 3+.! Children can practice more complex tasks, such Set includes:Embroidery Exerciseas measuring and cutting thread, threading a 2 Small Embroidery Hoops2 Metal Yarn Needles Precise control is required to make cross-stitchessharp needle, tying knots, and sewing buttons to Tomato Pincushion (V30) 2 Fabric Squares fabric. Ages 4+.!Satin Cord 2 Beads look neat; the squares of the gingham fabric provide BasketPresentation Suggestionsa guide to follow. Ages 4+.! Set includes: Small Embroidery Hoop Kinder Scissors (A158)Lacing ExerciseV400$17.95Set includes:Small Willow Basket (K15)6 Cotton Fabric PiecesTomato Pincushion 2" dia. V302.50 Elliptical Embroidery Hoop 6 Gingham Fabric Pieces Needle Threader (V412) 2 Sharp NeedlesClear Plastic Box (B530) 2 Sharp Needles Clear Plastic Box (B530)PincushionCaution:Adult discretion and supervision are necessary whenNeedle Threader (V412)Pincushion 12 Assorted Wooden ButtonsSpool of Threadchildren are using items marked with this symbol; these items Kinder Scissors (A158)Embroidery Thread Square Clip-Lid Box (B40)Presentation Suggestionshave (or contain) functional sharp points and/or sharp edges. Basket Presentation Suggestions V404$25.00 V406$28.95Needle Threader This large eye needle threader even threads thick yarns. Made of metal with no flimsy wires to break. Easy for young children. Instructions included. Ages 3+.!2" longV412$2.50ALearn the basics and beyond, Blife-size patterns too! Paper Mesh NEW!My Big Book of SewingSo many creative possibilities with this versatile paperOver 60 Fantastic Projectsfabric! Similar to burlap, its openwork texture is ideal for sewing, drawing, and painting projects. PracticeMetal Needles to Stitch and Sewembroidery or cross-stitch with yarn or string using OurWe prefer needles made of metal because they are lessSimple step-by-step instructions guide young Metal Yarn Needles (V27 or V428, right). Set includes 24likely to bend or break than plastic onesallowing forsewers through 60 creative projects including sheets of 7" x 10" paper mesh that can be easily cut intoa safer and more satisfying lacing or sewing experience.fashion accessories, things for the home, toys, smaller sizes. Ages 4+. The Metal Yarn Needles (2" long) have large eyesand gift items, all selected to appeal to children. V106$10.95and a rounded tip. The Tapestry Needles (1" long) areChildren will learn basic and decorative stitches, slimmer with a long eye.how to use a pattern and a sewing machine, A. Metal Yarn Needles (10 pieces)V27$4.95 and more. Projects range from beginning to B. NEW! Tapestry Needles (3 pieces)V4283.95 advancedabout 75% of the projects are hand-sewing. Includes index. Paperback, 192 pages.V306$14.95MontessoriServices.com877-975-3003 Practical Life - Lacing & Sewing37'