b'Strategies for Inclusion SetThese books will help you learn strategies for creating and implementing an inclusive Montessori program. Purchase both Montessori Inclusion (R04) and Montessori Strategies for Children with Learning Differences (R176) and Save!R26$39.95SAVE Everyone Benefits from InclusionPositive Discipline in theMontessori ClassroomPreparing an Environment that Fosters Respect, Kindness & ResponsibilityIn 1981, Jane Nelsen wrote her first book, PositiveLauren has attended Elizabeth Academy, an inclusive Discipline. Since then she has authored many more onMontessori school, since early childhood. Here, as an the same theme, from Positive Discipline for Toddlers toadolescent, she works with the Montessori Large Bead Frame.Positive Discipline for Adolescents. Many years ago Jane recognized the compatibility of Positive Discipline withMontessori Inclusionthe Montessori approach. Strategies and Stories of SupportCo-authored with Montessorian Chip DeLorenzo, thisfor Learners with Exceptionalitieslatest title is pertinent for all levels of Montessori. It willOffering a roadmap for true Montessori inclusion, this be used in the workshops Jane and Chip give throughcollaborative anthology describes basic special education the Positive Discipline training program. terminology and how it relates to Montessori, as well as With emphasis on creating and maintaining respectfulthe details of inclusive and innovative model schools. relationships, Positive Discipline in the MontessoriEdited by Ann Epstein, with a foreword by Amira Classroom is sure to provide support and guidance forMogaji and the voices of 20 distinguished contributors. Montessori teachers at every age level. Teachers willPaperback, 180 pages.relate to the situations the authors describe and feelR04$19.95 empowered by the authors responses as they learn the techniques and skills they offer. A must-have for every teacher. Paperback, 328 pages.Montessori Strategies for Children R508$19.95 with Learning DifferencesPlease note: We have copies of Positive Discipline in theThe MACAR ModelMontessori Classroom printed on lighter paper (R508A)Joyce S. Pickering, Montessorian and Speech-Language available online at a discount. Pathologist, interprets Maria Montessoris language and developmental theories using a modern, clinical, neurodevelopmental perspective. She shares strategies about how teachers in Montessori environments can include children with speech-language delays, dyslexia, attention-deficit/hyperactivity, and intellectual disabilities. Includes a special chapter on autism by K. Michelle Lane-Barmapov. Paperback, 255 pages.R176$29.95NEW!Meeting the LearningNeeds of All ChildrenA Model for Montessori Practitioners and Stakeholders Committed to Inclusive EducationThis resource offers a compelling examination of the connection between special education and Montessori principles. Offering invaluable insights for educators, support professionals, and all those devoted to caring for children with disabilities, practitioners share their experiences of transdisciplinary teaming. These narratives underscore the profound impact of inclusive education on the lives of students and families. Includes glossary of terms. By Mary D. Burbank, Melissa M. Goldsmith, Cheri Wild Blue, Mandy Fuhriman, and Gail S. SCAN & SHOP Williamsen. Paperback, 83 pages.All Parent Child Press R184$19.95 MontessoriServices.com877-975-3003 Parent Child Press41'