b'Elementary LanguageHow to Tell A StoryOx, House, Michael J. Dorer 1947-2024 Montessori-Style! StickMichael\'s unique storytelling magicBring the fun and energy of storytelling to yourThe History of Our touched the lives of countless teachers andclassroom or home with these comprehensive guidesAlphabetchildren over the years. We honor Michaelfrom master Montessori storyteller Michael Dorer. GainExplore the evolution and his contributions to the Montessoriinsight that will help you become an accomplishedof the modern English world, and we are so grateful he left us hisstoryteller, an essential skill for Montessori teachers.alphabet from picture wisdom and insights in his writings. We feeIFrom Parent Child Press. Bulk pricing online. writing (Egyptian, privileged to have worked with Michael,Sinaitic, Phoenician) to and we will miss him greatly. The Deep Well of Time a true alphabet (Greek, The Transformative Power of StorytellingRoman). This book presents the accepted origin of each in the Classroom letter, as well as its meaning, shape, and pronunciation Journey from the basics of storytelling to how toover time. Engaging facts enliven the story. Clear graphics create your own stories. Includes over 40 completecompare the letters changing forms and illustrate early 40+stories matched to the Montessori curriculum andwriting methods and tools. Includes further resources. Complete materials. Numerous illustrations, diagrams, andPaperback, 48 pages. Ages 6+.Storiescharts add to the appeal. Paperback, 356 pages. EM77$8.99Matched to EM92$24.95Montessori Curriculum! Grammar Tells a Story Transforming Literacy withMontessori StorytellingMany teachers feel the most difficult part of achieving total literacy is grammar. Combining Montessori theory and practice, Dorer uses the Montessori grammar symbols to tell their own stories. This innovative book captures children\'s imagination with more than 50 unique and 50+entertaining stories that illustrate principles Imaginative of basic grammar. Teaching grammar through Grammarstorytelling is a method that works! Includes Stories! introductory information on "how to" and "why"tell a story. Paperback, 280 pages. HieroglyphsEM93$24.95 Ancient history comes to life with this all-in-one book and stencil activity. Learn about the lives of the ancient Egyptians and create a secret code! This rich resource covers a variety of topics on Egyptian life, NEW!Storytelling Set as well as the Rosetta Stone, the Book of the Dead, Purchase both of Michael Dorer\'s Find Hatching the comprehensive storytelling guides: Cosmic Egg (EM116)the making of papyrus, and more. A natural follow-up The Deep Well of Time (EM92) andand The Cosmic Eggto the Montessori Elementary Great Lessons on Grammar Tells a Story (EM93) and Save! (EM119) on p. 89. language and history. Comes with a sturdy plastic stencil (7" x 10") of alphabet hieroglyphs that EM94$39.95SAVEchildren can use to write their names or notes to their friends. Paperback, 32 pages. Ages 6+.EM84$7.99Word Study CardsWord study activities help children become deep readers. With these 11 packets of cards (142 in all!), children will have ample room to explore the English language. Each packet includes left-handed and right-handed cards.Children lay out a left-handed column of cards and then figure out which right-handed cards match (e.g., pan and cake, rich and wealthy, cat and kitten). The 6 basic sets include: Antonyms 1; Antonyms 2; Synonyms; Compound Words; Homonyms; and Contractions. By process of elimination, these sets are self-correcting. The 5 other sets each come with a control chart: Animals/Groups; Animals/Homes; Animals/Young (pictured); Masculine & FeminineHumans; and Masculine & FeminineAnimals. Soon children will be creating their own lists.The laminated cards are approximately 2" x 1"; control charts are 4" x 5". Lesson plans included. From Maitri Learning. Ages 48. iL553$79.95 94 Elementary LanguageMontessoriServices.com877-975-3003'