b'Aline Wolf, founder of Parent Child Press, was dedicated to enhancing early learning by interpreting the philosophy of Maria Montessori. Nurturing the Spirit in Non-Sectarian Classrooms and the best-selling A Parents Guide to the Montessori Classroom have become classics. As well as her own works, Aline published other Montessori authors, and we continue to do so. Among our newer selections, find books by Michael Dorer (storytelling & cosmic education), Dorothy Harman (parent engagement), Joyce Pickering (learning differences), Ann Epstein (learners with exceptionalities), and Jane Nelsen and Chip DeLorenzo (Positive Discipline). Montessori Parenting Book Set Great HandoutsWeve paired two all-time favorites in this set: A Parents Guide to the Montessori Classroom (R123) and Montessori Insights (R126). for the NewR180$10.00SAVE A Parents Guide to School Year!the Montessori Classroom Help parents understand the goal of aThe Purpose ofMontessori education: cultivating childrensMontessori own natural desire to learn. With numerous photos, this book describes the MontessoriEducationmaterials and how theyre used with childrenSet of 50 Leafletsages 3 to 6. Parents will learn everything fromExcerpted from A what a Metal Inset is to why the exercises ofParents Guide to the Practical Life are so important. Hundreds ofMontessori Classroom thousands of copies of this fine introduction(R123, left), this leaflet have been distributed to parents with childrenis a cost-effective tool Buy both books in Montessori classrooms. By Aline D. Wolf.for educating parents Paperback, 61 pages.on the philosophy and EnglishR123$7.00purpose of a Montessori Spanish (shown online)education. By Aline D. and Save!R20 7.00 Wolf. 4-page leaflet; set of 50.Montessori Insights EnglishR131$6.50For Parents of Young Children Spanish (shown online)R1516.50 Especially for new parents or parents of toddlers, this thoughtful explanation of Montessori principles addresses such elements as modern familyMontessori orstructures, screen-time, computers, and daycare.TraditionalFull of good advice and a hopeful perspective on what is often perceived by new parents as an uphillKindergartenstruggle for the hearts and minds of their children.A Parents Decision By Aline D. Wolf. Paperback, 51 pages.for the Five-Year-OldR126$7.00 If five-year-olds leave Montessori, they miss the synthesis of their Intentional Connections Montessori experience. A Practical Guide to Parent Engagement in Early Childhood &This leaflet is your Lower Elementary Classrooms most effective tool Community organizer and Montessori teacher Dorothy Harman explainsfor retaining five-year-olds as it explains to how to create mutually beneficial parent/teacher relationships, becauseparents the unmatched advantage of this she knows children are more cooperative and successful in the classroomyear. Distribute these leaflets early in the when their parents are engaged with their education. Dorothy includessecond semester to guide parents in making communication templates and dozens of easy practical activities. Herthe most beneficial decision for their five-approach builds on the work teachers already do with families. Sheyear-old. By Aline D. Wolf. 4-page leaflets. also includes anecdotal and research-based advice on relationships andSet of 50 LeafletsR121$6.50communicationskills any teacher can use. Paperback. 149 pages.R145$15.00Bulk pricing online.94 Parent Child PressMontessoriServices.com877-975-3003'