b'Fossils, Rocks & MineralsNEW!Fossils A Children arefascinated withfossils. In thisinformative book, learn what fossils are, where they can be found, how they are formed, and why they are important. Perfect for the inquisitive Early Elementary child. Includes glossary and index. Paperback, 32 pages.SC961$7.95Salt is the only rock we eat. Find The Story of Salt (EM32) online.B Timeline of Life Fossil CollectionFeel the tip of an ancient sharks tooth, or trace the miniscule segments of a pre-historic echinoderm children will marvel at these 18 genuine fossils from 4,500 million years old (Precambrian eon) to 1.8 million years old (Quaternary period). Selected to go with the Timeline of Life (EM824 or EM825, p. 88), children can match real specimens to the Timeline. Exciting work! Selected by Montessori Elementary teachers, specimens are big enough to show characteristic detail. Each comes with timeline and information cards that identify the living organisms time and location. Fossils may vary. From Fossilicious.com.C Ages 5+.!i Simple Science BooksEM58$32.95 Did you know that without dirt there would be no Geologic Time & Fossils Books plants, animals, or people? Or that Earth\'s crust Written by Montessorians Doug and Claudia Mann andis made entirely of rock? With these beautifully designed as an extension to the Timeline of Life, thesephotographed books, you\'ll discover what makes three sequential sets have been revised, updated, andordinary dirt or rocks so extraordinary. Includes reformatted with current terminology and scientificdiscussion questions, index, glossary, and more developments. Paperback. From Fossilicious.com. i resources. Paperback, 32 pages each. Ages 58. Books in the Eras set read like the second Great LessonRocksEM220$9.99 (The Story of Life). Facts are presented within strong,DirtEM2229.99engaging stories covering the key Timeline of Life Find more rock & mineral materials online. presentation points. Set includes 6 books, one for each era on the Timeline. Ages 69.Each book in the Periods set moves through the characteristics, land formations, climate, and speciesGet to Know Rocks & Mineralsparticular to the period, closing with the event thatPorphyry, slate, dolomite and so much more! Stunning ends the period. Set includes 13 books, one for eachrock and mineral specimens convey the wonders of period on the Timeline. Ages 712. geology. This work includes 15 mineral pairs and 5 The Fossils Set presents an overview of 5 significantpairs each of igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary early fossils (Ammonites, Brachiopods, Crinoids,rocks30 pairs in all (60 specimens total). Each pair Trilobites, and Coral) with descriptions and informationcomes in a clearly labeled bag with an information card.suitable for in-depth study. Also includes the overviewThis set also includes an eBook (download instructions Do You Know Fossils? 6 books in all. Ages 712.included) with extensive, related curriculum materials: A. Geologic Eras Set 6 titlesEM56$21.95 50+ Montessori Elementary activities, lesson plans, B. Geologic Periods Set 13 titlesEM5741.95 experiments, shelf-ready materials, charts, lab sheets, C. Fossils Set 6 titlesEM5921.95 and more! Samples may vary and range in size from Geologic Time & Fossils Set "2". From Fossilicious.com. Ages 5+.! (all 25 titles)EM7485.75 SC398$103.9530 pairs of specimens and a downloadable eBook with 50+ Montessori Elementary activities.90 Elementary - GeologyMontessoriServices.com877-975-3003'