b'From FossiliciousAThe Story of SaltThe Amazing Role of Salt in World HistoryB Its the only rock we eat, and It has Timeline of Life Fossil Collection fascinated people and preoccupied Feel the tip of an ancient sharks tooth, be amazed by howeconomies since before recorded history. little sand dollars have changed, or trace the minisculeFrom ancient Chinese salt dynasties segments of a pre-historic echinodermchildren willto Gandhis Salt March to the Arabian marvel at these 18 genuine fossils from 4,500 million yearsSea, this lively story touches upon every old (Precambrian eon) to 1.8 million years old (Quaternaryaspect of sodium chloride in an appealing, period). Selected to go with the Timeline of Life (EM824,conversational style. Illustrations, maps, EM825, p. 88), children can match real specimens to theand charts provide compelling visual Timeline. Exciting work! Selected by Montessori Elementarycontext as the story unfolds. Concludes teachers, specimens are big enough to show characteristicwith a comprehensive timeline and further detail. Each comes with timeline and information cardsresources. Paperback, 48 pages. Ages 8+; that identify the living organisms time and location. Fromread aloud to younger children.C Fossilicious.com. Ages 5+.! EM32$8.95EM58$28.95Geologic Time & Fossils BooksWritten by Montessorians Doug and Claudia Mann andGet to Know Rocks & Mineralsdesigned as an extension to the Timeline of Life, thesePorphyry, slate, dolomite and so much more! three sequential sets have been revised, updated, andStunning rock and mineral specimens convey reformatted with current terminology and scientificthe wonders of geology. This work includes developments. Paperback. From Fossilicious.com. i 15 mineral pairs and 5 pairs each of igneous, Books in the Eras set read like the second Great Lessonmetamorphic, and sedimentary rocks30 pairs (The Story of Life). Facts are presented within strong,in all (60 specimens total). Each pair comes in a engaging stories covering the key Timeline of Lifeclearly labeled bag with an information card.presentation points. Set includes 6 books, one for eachThis set also includes an eBook (download era on the Timeline. Ages 69. instructions included) with extensive, related Each book in the Periods set moves through thecurriculum materials: 50+ Montessori Elementary characteristics, land formations, climate, and speciesactivities, lesson plans, experiments, shelf-ready particular to the period, closing with the event thatmaterials, charts, lab sheets, and more! Samples ends the period. Set includes 13 books, one for eachmay vary and range in size from "2". From period on the Timeline. Ages 712. Fossilicious.com. Ages 5+.!The Fossils Set presents an overview of 5 significantSC398$98.95early fossils (Ammonites, Brachiopds, Crinoids,30 pairs of specimens and a downloadable eBook Trilobites, and Coral) with descriptions and informationwith 50+ Montessori Elementary activities.suitable for in-depth study. Also includes the overview Do You Know Fossils? 6 books in all. Ages 712. A. Geologic Eras Set 6 titlesEM56$20.95B. Geologic Periods Set 13 titlesEM5739.95C. Fossils Set 6 titlesEM5920.95Geologic Time & Fossils Set (all 25 titles) EM7481.7590 Elementary - GeologyMontessoriServices.com877-975-3003'