b'9 vehiclesfire truck fire truck Land Vehicles & CardsPickup truck, motorcycle, fire truckNine vehicles that travel on land or roads. Three-part cards match the 9 vehicles (27 cards in all).!L59$33.50 pickup truck 11 vehiclesall-terrain police carvehicle school busVehicle Miniatures & CardsFor Vocabulary Building, Sorting &Beginning Reading Water Vehicles & CardsChildren wont be able to resist this work! These versatileJet ski, container ship, cruise linerEleven vehicles All About Feelings three-part photo cards were created to match realisticthat travel on water. Three-part cards match the 11 Learning to express emotions and interpret cues fromvehicle miniatures. Introduce a few cards at a time. Thevehicles (33 cards in all).!others is a complicated process that must be learned.youngest children will love pairing the mini vehicles withL60$33.50 Through gentle text and fun illustrations, this bookthe photo cards. Teach the names of each vehicle orally is an engaging introduction. Each 2-4 page sectionand add more as children\'s vocabulary grows. discusses a different aspect such as talking aboutPrimary children (ages 36) can use the laminated feelings, changing feelings, making choices, or helpingthree-part cards for beginning reading. Children can read others with their feelings. Includes notes for grown- a word label, match it to the picture-only card, then use ups and further resources. Hardcover, 32 pages. the control card to check their work. Use all three sets R282$15.99 for a land, air, and water sorting activity (download free12 vehicleslabels on our website).Control card with label measures 3" x 4". Laminated Word, words, words! The First to edge, not beyond. Miniatures are one solid plasticPicture Dictionary (L25, online) piece (no moving parts to break off). Sizes range fromAir Vehicles & Cards will help children fall in love 1"3". Ages 38.! Blimp, space shuttle, parachuteTwelve vehicles thatwith language. travel in the air. Three-part cards match the 12 vehicles All 3 Sets of Vehicles onlyL62$39.75SAVE (36 cards in all).!All 3 Sets of Cards onlyL6456.75SAVE L61$33.50All 3 Sets of Vehicles & CardsL6695.50SAVEFarm Animal Families SetIndividual sets of vehicles & cards are available online For Vocabulary Building, Sorting &Beginning ReadingThese 12 realistic Farm Animal Figures are instantly appealing and can be used in so many activities. Children will enjoy sorting the animals by family member (baby, mother, father) or by grouping (cattle, pig, sheep, horse). Young children will be interested in matching the animals to the photo cards, all the while learning new vocabulary. As children get older, they can use the animals and cards in beginning reading games. A truly versatile set. Ages 38.!Farm Animal Figures are made of a high quality, sturdy plastic and are proportional to one another. Sizes range from 2" x 1" high (piglet) to 5" x 4" high (stallion). Farm Animal Family Cards includes laminatedthree-part photo cards for each animal plus additional labels for sorting. 43 cards in all.Control card is 3" x 4". Farm Animal Figures onlyL152$ 82.50 Farm Animal Family Cards onlyL15321.95Complete Farm Animal Family Set (cards & figures) L154104.00! WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs. Animals sold individually online MontessoriServices.com877-975-3003 Language Development - Vocabulary59'