b'From our For Small Hands CatalogGreat for after-school or at home!NEW!Tiny Polka DotNumber-Loving Learning Fun!Play 16 sequential games that teach counting, math, and logic! Children can invent their own games, too!These colorful, polka-dotted cards have many levels of play and will grow along with children. Nurture their love of math through play! 66 coated cardstock cards (3" dia.). For 16 players. Ages 38. Includes 21 Tiny Polka Dot MA210 $14.95stand-up animals!Inspire imaginative play and NEW!Count, Stack,geographic exploration!Balance & BuildExplore the world from the comfort of home! The 100Building a tower is almost as fun jumbo pieces (4" sq.) make a large (36" x 27") worldas knocking it down! This set of map. Comes with 21 stand-up animal figures (approx.10 sturdy paperboard blocks 2"3" high) to place all around the world. Organizedintroduces children not only to by continent, the 10-page booklet lists over 120stacking and nesting, but also animals to find on the puzzle map. Ages 5+.! to counting and sequencing. Discover the World Puzzle + Play C790 $24.95 Each side of these beautifully illustrated blocks has a different theme: counting/numbers, animals, animal babies, and a tree that grows as the blocks are stacked and aligned. 35" high (stacked). Cubes range from 1"5". Ages 1+.My Friends Stacking BlocksDifferentY316 $18.95 every time!Nests nicely foreasy storage!Arranging Triangles NEW!Prepare to be Amazed!Children can practice their sensorial andCreate a one-of-a-kind kaleidoscopic view with manipulative skills while matching or creatingfound treasures from nature, such as leaves, flowers, colorful patterns with this beautifully crafted activity.stones, or seeds. Simply place items in the plastic Includes 36 wooden triangles in 6 vibrant colors,cup, slide it on the tube, and view your masterpiece. and 6 double-sided pattern sheets (12 designs) thatA different experience, every time! Use common fit into the 7" sq. wooden base. Ages 2+. household items (paperclips, coins, beads, etc.) for Arranging Triangles Y133 $29.95 more unique experiences. 8" long cardboard tube; 1" dia. Ages 3+.Nature KaleidoscopeSC28 $8.95SeelleeccttiioonnssffrroommFFoorrSSmmaallllHHaannddss 44 S MontessoriServices.com877-975-3003'