b'Earn FREE Materials for Your School with our Family Catalog!forsmallhandsToys for Learning. Tools for Life.SHAREour For Small Hands catalog with your families.EARNmerchandise credit when they order from September 1 to December 31. WIN-WIN!Families receive quality materials that complement what children are doing at school.Schools earn credit (10-15% of orders) for new materials for their classrooms.Complete details online!Request your free catalogs at: Make Them Pop! NEW!Tangram PuzzleGently press these colorful wooden figures to make themThis classic never goes out of style! Seven ForSmallHands.com bob up and down. Press them even harder and they popsimple wooden piecesunlimited design up and out! Sure to inspire smiles and giggles. 6" x 1";potential. This ancient puzzle has captured 4" high. Ages 1+.the imaginations of children (and adults) for Pop-Up Toy Y301 $13.95centuries. Includes 25 double-sided puzzle/pattern cards (4" sq.). Two levels of difficulty: young children can make the designs by matching the pieces to the colored pattern side of the card; older children can use the black puzzle side and then flip the card to check their work. Pieces store in the wooden tray (7" sq.). Ages 3+. ! CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs. See p. 2.Tangram PuzzleY168 $19.95Watch Them Go!Children will send these racers zipping and flipping down the ramps over You Can Draw! and over again! Wooden Follow simple step-by-step instructions to discover howramp frame and well-to draw animals, plants, vehicles, and more! Each design ismade race cars are fun broken down into basic shapes and strokes. Discover howfor young children. 11" x to draw 50+ familiar, child-friendly items. Paperback, 969" ramp frame; cars pages. Ages 4+.measure 1" wide x 1" long. Ages 14.Step-by-Step Drawing Book A168 $9.95 Junior Ramp Racer A Hungry Caterpillar! Clever Cat Memory GameV95 $31.95 Help the caterpillar (the needle) eat its way throughSharpen childrens memory skills with this charmingly the fruit. Perfect for developing pattern recognitionillustrated animal matching game. The 20 chunky and sequencing skills. Colorful wooden fruit are easywooden disks (10 pairs) are easier for small hands for small hands to grasp and fun to thread. Includes 10to grasp and turn over than cardboard tiles. Includes pattern cards (8" x 2"), 16 pieces of wooden fruit, and 2drawstring storage bag. 1" dia. pieces. Ages 1+.needles with cord. Ages 3+.! CHOKING HAZARD (1).Clever Cat Memory Game Y857 $22.95Not for under 3 yrs. See p. 2.Count & Lace Fruit V419 $29.95View our full family eCatalog at www.forsmallhands.com/flip SeelleeccttiioonnssffrroommFFoorrSSmmaallllHHaannddss43S'