b'Differentevery time!Prepare to be Amazed! Happy Bee-Day! NEW!Let\'s Celebrate!Create a one-of-a-kind kaleidoscopic view withMake 10 Small Candles Learn about birthday celebrations, traditions, special found treasures from nature, such as leaves, flowers,Make celebrations special by creating birthdayfoods, customs, activities, and more from 14 different stones, or seeds. Simply place items in the plasticcake-size candles with this little kit. Simply warmchildren across seven continents. Discover how each cup, slide it on the tube, and view your masterpiece.each beeswax sheet in your hand, lay the wick onculture expresses birthday greetings in their native A different experience, every time! Use commonone edge, trim the wick (scissors not included),language (pronunciations included). Illustrations household items (paperclips, coins, beads, etc.) forroll the wax, and seal with your fingers. Includesare rendered in detailed cut-paper collage. Includes more unique experiences. 8" long cardboard tube;10 beeswax sheets (1" x 2"), cotton wick, andnotes for parents and teachers (with activities) 1" dia. Ages 3+. instructions. Ages 4+ with adult supervision.and a glossary. Hardcover, 40 pages. Ages 37.Nature KaleidoscopeSC28 $9.99 Multicolor Beeswax Candle Kit A126 $5.99 Birthdays Around the WorldC591$18.99NEW!Stack & Play! Six bolts Children will love this set of ten playful stacking & driver! blocks. Each side offers a different activityitems to count, vehicles to name, and a road that curves from top to bottom (a great control). Each sturdy paperboard block is open on one side so the 10 cubes can be nestedtogether. Blocks vary from 2" to 6". Tower stacks to 39" high. Includes storage box with carrying handle. Ages 6 months+.Things That Go123 Vehicle Stacking BlocksV123$20.00A Hungry Caterpillar!Build Skills! Help the caterpillar (the needle) eat Young children can turn the six big, chunky woodenits way through the fruit. Perfect for bolts with fingers or use the jumbo woodendeveloping pattern recognition and screwdriver. Each bolt turns smoothly in any threadedsequencing skills. Colorful wooden fruit hole. Children will notice they can also match bolts toare easy for small hands to grasp and fun holes by color. The driver stores securely in its ownto thread. Includes 10 pattern cardsunthreaded hole. 6" x 1". Ages 25. (8" x 2"), 16 pieces of wooden fruit, and Bolt BlockV92$15.00 2 needles with cord. Ages 3+.!Count & Lace Fruit V419 $39.99Front& back!SeelleeccttiioonnssffrroommFFoorrSSmmaallllHHaannddss 46 S MontessoriServices.com877-975-3003'