b'Displays & StorageWooden Display StandsDisplay Assortment These lovely arched, wooden display standsA sampling of our favorite displays. Order more are a beautiful asset to classroom or home.individual displays when you know yourEach stand has a " deep groove along theclassrooms needs. top that will hold postcards, photographs, orSet includes: cards. Perfect for displaying mounted artwork.Acrylic Display 1 (B711)2 Display Stands (X633)Smooth finish with rounded edges.Acrylic Display 2 (B714)2 Medium Display Stands A Place for EverythingSmall 9" x " overall; 1" highX100$12.952 Acrylic Card/Napkin Holders (X22)Children need a predictable environment Large 19" x " overall; 1" high X10218.95 X636$36.95SAVE and trays, baskets, boxes, and displays help keep everything in order. Our selection includes lightweight trays (pp. 89), that are easy to carry, baskets (pp. 67), and boxes (p. 11) that offer easy access to materials, and displays that provide good visibility.Display Stands The three sections of these adjustable covered-wire stands are connected by riveted joints which bend in a Bent Acrylic Photo Holder variety of ways. Use for heavier, larger books or materials, Ideal for displaying card materials or postcardsas well as smaller ones. 5" wide base; height adjusts and perfect for our Snack Cards (D120, p. 32).from 4" to 9" when extended. This easy-to-clean, self-standing display isWhite Each X633$ 2.50 made of durable acrylic. This stand can alsoWhite DozenX633DZ25.00SAVE display horizontal materials when turnedBlack Each X6322.50 sideways. 4" x 6". Black DozenX632DZ25.00SAVE Zipper PouchEachX122$ 2.75This storage pouch clearly brings order to small 4 or moreX1222.50SAVEcollections, beads, cards, or pencils. Its easy to see Acrylic Card/ whats stored inside and access the contents quickly Napkin Holderwith the zipper. Sides are gusseted for ample storage. Made of clear plastic with black binding. 9" x 5" Acrylic A hard-to-find displayoverall; 1" deep gusset; zipper opening is 7" long. solution, this appealing Display 1holder stores cards,EachX10$1.95Great for displayingpaper, letters, or 6 or moreX101.50SAVEsmall card materials.napkins for optimal 1" high in front.visibility. Shown with 4" x 3" overall; Montessori Centenary 2" highCards (R09, p. 42).B711$7.50 Each 6" x 1" overall; 2" highX22$8.50Mini Metal PailAcrylic Display 2This multi-purpose pail canA useful container to holdbe used for organization nomenclature cards. Thisor storage and is equally vertical display makes cardscomfortable in a clean-upTeak Branch Boxes visible from a distance. role. Water-tight and perfectChildren will love opening and closing the pivoting lid 4" x 2" overall; 2" highfor a sponging activity. of these boxes. A twist of the wrist swings the securely B714$5.95 3" dia. base; 3" highattached lid away from the box and reveals theQ04$3.75compartment inside. Children will be fascinated that this box is cut from one slice of a hollowed out teakFind colored pencils on p. 59 tree branch. Please note: Because of the unique nature of this box, the size, color, and shape may vary. Small approx. 2" x 2"; 1" high B410$ 8.50 Medium approx. 3" x 3"; 2" highB411 12.5010 Preparing the Environment - Displays & StorageMontessoriServices.com877-975-3003'