b'Resources & InformationAt Home in the Montessori Love of LearningChildren\'s House Supporting Intrinsic These teacher-to-teacher guidebooks of practicalMotivation in inspiration are pure gold for new teachers andMontessori Students a wonderful refresher for experienced teachers.Every teacher struggles at Written by Mary Flewelling-Pinchen, one time or another with a Montessorian for over 30 years. unmotivated students. In this volume, the authors share some of their own struggles. Drawing on the wisdom of Maria Montessori, years of their own experience and thatof their colleagues, as well as current research onthe subject of motivation, the authors hope this book will help teachers do their jobs better for the benefit of their students. By Michael and DNeil Duffy.The Montessori Potential From Parent Child Press. Paperback, 138 pages. How to Foster Independence, Respect,Bulk pricing online.and Joy in Every Child R264$16.95Whether youre new to Montessori or an experienced teacher, youll find inspiration in this fresh look at Montessori education. Comprehensive, yet easy-to-digest, it is passionately written byMailing ListMontessorian Paula Lillard Preschlack, an educatorIs One of Each Catalog Enough? We share your with 25+ years of experience. Her insights explainenvironmental concerns. If you prefer, we can the potential of an authentic Montessori approach to education for the individual child and for the benefitVolume 1: 2nd Edition send just one of each catalog title per year.of society as a whole. Paperback, 280 pages. Establishing a Child-Centered Community Please contact Customer Service.R64$19.95 Previously published as Directing the Montessori Children\'s House, Volume 1 covers all aspects ofCome Visit Us!starting a Montessori class, including setting up theOur Showroom is open from 8:00-4:00 environment, orientation, normalization, classroom Maria Montessori Centenary Cardsmanagement, discipline, and more. This bookweekdays or by appointment. Limited curbside A 100-Year Historical Retrospective reminds us that the start of a new school year is apick-up may also be available. Please call to From ten-year-old Maria in 1880 Rome, to the child- new beginning, a chance to create beauty and orderinquire.filled courtyard of the first Casa dei Bambini in 1907,in the lives of our children. The tone is positive and to Dr. Montessoris 1951 visit with English children atoptimistic. Spiral-bound paperback, 115 pages.ColorsLondons Gatehouse Montessori School, this set ofR170 $35.00 Color Choices: When offered a color choice, ten picture/story cards celebrates Maria Montessoris life and work in beautifully reproduced historicalplease write your color selection in the "colors" photographs.column, or we will choose a color for you.One side of each card shows an image of MariaAssorted Colors: When stated, we do not have Montessori with place and date labels. Interestinga color choice from our vendor; however, we facts are printed on the back. Use two sets to makewill always do our best to accommodate your three-part cards for Primary classrooms, or use onewishes.set to create a timeline in Elementary. Set of 10 cards; varnish-coated cardstock. 5" sq. i Items May VaryOne SetR09$15.95Two SetsR1329.95SAVE When we state "Color or pattern may vary," we may need to substitute a different color or pattern. When an individual component of an activity becomes unavailable as pictured, we may replace that item with a comparable item. Substituted items never compromise the functionality of the activity and are always of Volume 2: Classroom Lessons, Routines, equal or greater value. Rest assured, we will and Celebrations always advise you if an item you have ordered Volume 2 focuses on establishing successfulvaries significantly in function or cost.classroom routines. Presenting the lessons learned in training is just the beginning; the ability to incorporate routines and celebrations into theProduct Selectionclassroom is a skill that develops over time. ThisBefore we decide to include a product work presents a treasure-trove of tips, hints, ideas,in our catalog, we ask ourselves many and resources, sprinkled with direct quotes fromquestions. Please go online to learn more: Montessori. Includes 14 pages of songs and finger- MontessoriServices.com/company/product-plays! Spiral-bound paperback, 150 pages.R174$40.00 selection-criteria. Find more Montessori Resources online. 42 Resources & InformationMontessoriServices.com877-975-3003'