b'Payment & Billing At Home in the MontessoriWe accept checks, Visa, MasterCard, AmericanChildren\'s HouseExpress, Discover, and Paypal. Credit cards will beThese teacher-to-teacher guidebooks of practical billed when the order is shipped. Paypal orders mustinspiration are pure gold for new teachers and a wonderful refresher for experienced teachers. be placed online and will be charged in full when theWritten by Mary Flewelling Pinchen, a Montessorian order is placed. for over 30 years.We also accept purchase orders. We extend terms to schools or organizations with approved accounts. Maria Montessori Centenary CardsPlease inquire (877-975-3003) if you would like to A 100-Year Historical Retrospective open an account. Sorry, we cannot bill individuals.From ten-year-old Maria in 1880 Rome, to the child-filled courtyard of the first Casa dei Bambini in 1907, to Dr.Hassle-Free Returns & ReplacementsMontessoris 1951 visit with English children at LondonsReturns? Exchanges? You can count on a prompt and Gatehouse Montessori School, this set of ten picture/story cards celebrates Maria Montessoris life and work in beautifullycourteous exchange or refund of the merchandise reproduced historical photographs.purchase price. Original shipping charges are non-One side of each card shows an image of Maria Montessorirefundable.with place and date labels. Interesting facts are printed onPlease return merchandise promptly. Follow the the back. Use two sets to make three-part cards for Primaryinstructions on the back of the packing slip.classrooms, or use one set to create a timeline in Elementary. Set of 10 cards; varnish-coated cardstock. 5" sq. i Damaged/Wrong/Missing Items? Please let us know One SetR09$13.95 immediately so we can correct the problem promptly. Volume 1: 2nd EditionTwo SetsR1325.00SAVE Establishing a Child-Centered CommunityShipping within the Continental U.S. Previously published as Directing the Montessori Regular Shipping Expedited AirChildren\'s House, Volume 1 covers all aspects of & Handling2 business daysstarting a Montessori class, including setting up the 7-10 business days (if received by 10:30 am PST) environment, orientation, normalization, classroom management, discipline, and more. This book Expedited Ground3 times Regular Shipping reminds us that the start of a new school year is a 3-5 business days Next Day Air new beginning, a chance to create beauty and order 2 times Regular Shipping Call Customer Service in the lives of our children. The tone is positive and optimistic. Spiral-bound paperback, 115 pages. Gift Certificates Backorder Shipping & Billing R170 (previously R157)$35.00Gift Certificates are available in any amount. TheyIn most cases, backordered items will be sent when arrive with a catalog, and can be shipped directly to theall out-of-stock items are available; your in-stock recipient. Gift Certificates ship free-of-charge and are notitems will arrive first, followed by one later delivery subject to sales tax. They do not expire. Gift Certificatesof all backordered items. Your credit card will not are not redeemable for cash. be charged for backordered items until shipped. We On the order form, write GIFT in the Item # column,reserve the right to cancel backorders.the recipients name in the Description column, and the amount in the Total column. ColorsColor Choices: When offered a color choice, please Mailing List write your color selection in the "colors" column, or Is One of Each Catalog Enough? We share yourwe will choose a color for you.environmental concerns. If you prefer, we can sendAssorted Colors: When stated, we do not have a just one of each catalog title per year. Please contactcolor choice from our vendor; however, we will always Customer Service and let us know: 877-975-3003 MF,do our best to accommodate your wishes. Volume 2: Classroom Lessons, Routines,8:004:30 Pacific Time. Color or pattern may vary: When stated, if theand Celebrationscolor or pattern pictured becomes unavailable, weVolume 2 focuses on establishing successful classroom Visiting Our Showroom may substitute a different color or pattern. routines. Presenting the lessons learned in training is Due to COVID-19, our Showroom is currently closed tojust the beginning; the ability to incorporate routines the public. We do hope to be able to welcome visitorsItems May Vary and celebrations into the classroom is a skill that again later in 2021. Limited curbside pick-up may also beWhen an individual component of a Classroomdevelops over time. This work presents a treasure-trove of tips, hints, ideas, and resources, sprinkled with direct available. Please call to inquire 707-579-3003. Our hoursActivity Set becomes unavailable as pictured, we mayquotes from Montessori. Includes 14 pages of songs are 8:00 - 4:00 weekdays. replace that item with a comparable item. Substitutedand finger-plays! Spiral-bound paperback, 150 pages.items never compromise the functionality of theR174$40.00More resources on page 42 Your satisfaction is guaranteed! activity and are always of equal or greater value. Rest assured, we will always advise you if an item you have It is of the utmost importance to us ordered varies significantly in function or cost. More Montessori Resources likethat you are satisfied with our products Understanding Montessori (R236)and service. Please let us know if we fall Our Criteria for Product Selection can be found on our website.short of these expectations. You may return Before we decide to include a product in our catalog,any item, for any reason, and receive an we ask ourselves many questions. Please go online to exchange, replacement, or refund. learn more: montessoriservices.com/product-criteria.42 Ordering InformationMontessoriServices.com877-975-3003'