b"More LanguageMove on to the next level as skills improve.Guided Science ReadersSet your young readers on the path to success with Peacekeepers Book Sets this sequential series. The captivating photos will Set in a Montessori classroom, these peacemakingengage children, and the simple text will boost their stories were written for beginning readers. Eachreading confidence. This collection will bring science story shows how the characters prevent or resolveto life! Each boxed set contains 16 paperback books a conflict. Act out the stories and discuss what(8 pages each), a 16-page activity book, and helpful it means to be a peacekeeper. Level 1 is mostlytips. Ages 3-6. phonetic; difficulty increases in successive levels. Level AL640 $23.99 8 titles per level. Paperback, 12 pages each. Level BL64123.99 Level 1 pinkR140$26.00 Level C L64223.99 Level 2 blueR14226.00 Level DL64323.99Level 3 greenR14426.00 All 4 Sets (Levels A-D)L645 95.95All 3 SetsR14678.00Go online to find Poetry Speaks to Children (L122) and other poetic works. ASample from L313, Level C.Let's Find Out Readers Invite beginning readers to explore the world and build knowledge with theseBbook collections. The non-fiction stories feature appealing topics, beautiful photos, My First Dictionary and simple text to enable young children 1000 Words, Pictures, and Definitions to gain confidence and grow as readers. Early readers will find a picture clue alongsideEach boxed set contains 5 paperback the definitions for words selected with them inbooks (8 pages each) for 4 reading levels, mind. Alphabetical listings help children look upand a 4-page guide (20 books in all). and decipher unfamiliar words. Includes tips forAges 4-6.adults and nine dictionary games. Hardcover, 96A. My NeighborhoodL313 $23.99pages. Ages 58. B. Animals and Nature L314 23.99 L314L26$15.9966 Language Development - Early ReadersMontessoriServices.com877-975-3003"