b'A BA BSmall Porcelain Pitchers The small size of these pitchers helps children refine small motor movements so they can pour without spilling. Each is opaque porcelain.Glass DecantersA. Tiny Porcelain PitcherUse a funnel to fill the narrow neck of the Pinch Decanter 1 oz. 1" base; 2" highG223$3.95(1 oz.)its not as easy as it looks! The flared top of theB. Handle-Less CreamerSmall Glass Decanter (3 oz.) allows children to easily 3 oz. 1" base; 2" highG2863.75pour from any side. These pieces also make attractive small vases. A. Pinch Decanter 2" base; 3" high G236 $3.25 Find more tiny vases/pitchers B. Small Glass Decanter 2" base; 3" highG2103.50 like our Mini Milk Jug Vase (G311) on p. 27.Stainless Steel Funnels A Cobalt Porcelain4 oz. Porcelain Satisfy many of your pouring needs with thisCreamerPitcher Stainless Steel Funnel Set.This wide base of thisThis popular pitcher works Each piece has a tiny handleporcelain creamer makeswell in water or grain pouring and the smaller twotipping unlikely. Theactivities. Opaque porcelain sizes will fit easily in ouropaque porcelain adds aprovides added challenge Decanters (G210, G236, challenging variation towhen pouring. More sizes of above) or Glass (eye dropper)water or grain pouring. 3 oz.this pitcher on p. 14.B Bottles, (p. 26). Length ranges1" base; 2" highG30$9.75 1" base x 3" high from 2"-3" long. Comes on a G228$3.50detachable ring. The Stainless Steel Funnel (2" dia.; 2" long) is nearly identical to the medium size in the set. Variations & ExtensionsA. Funnel Set 3 piecesG273$12.95 Once children have mastered the basics, give B. Stainless Steel Funnel onlyG2394.95 them many opportunities to refine their skills in new ways. Developed by an experienced Montessori teacher, each of these sets presents a challenging variationan opaque pitcher or a decanter without a handle, for example. Presentation suggestions included. Items may vary. Pouring Variation 1 Set includes: 2 Stainless Steel Creamers3 oz. (G278) Medium-Size Tray (T250)Sponge Mini Stainless Steel Creamers PL32$11.95 These tiny creamers are sure to be a classroom favorite. The mini spout makes for a dramatic last drop. 1 oz. 1" base; 1" highG54$3.00 Pouring Variation 3 2 oz. 1" base; 1" highG563.50 Set includes: 2 Tiny Porcelain Pitchers (G223) Small Fiberglass Tray (T750)Pouring Variation 2Sponge Set includes:PL69$15.50 2 Small Glass Decanters (G210) Medium-Size Tray (T250)Sponge PL33$10.95 Please note: Images of Stainlessitems in the catalog are not Steel Creamersnecessarily proportional to The spout design virtually eliminates drips. An each other; check dimensions excellent choice for toddlers first pouring exercises.carefully.3 oz. 1" base; 2" highG278$3.95 5 oz. 1" base; 2" high G2804.95 MontessoriServices.com877-975-3003 Practical Life - Pouring13'