b'WritingMetal Inset PaperAssortment1 Ream Each Color (A03-4)and 6 Reams White (A02-6).LM01$76.00SAVEMetal Inset Tray Metal Inset PaperThis custom-designed tray of lightweightTo save you time, we offer pre-cut (5" sq.) 20-pound hardwood has a durable lacquer finish. Thebond paper for Metal Inset work. One color per ream (500 inside is large enough for a Metal Inset framesheets). Teachers and children can also make booklets and piece of paper, side by side. The raisedusing this paper and the Booklet Rings (L738L741, below). sides will help the child remember to removeSpecify color: blue, yellow, pink, or green.the inset and paper from the tray and placeWhite Each ReamA02$ 7.50them on the table. You\'ll undoubtedly find6 Reams of WhiteA02-642.75SAVEother uses for this tray. 12" x 6"; " deep. Color Each Ream specify colorA039.50A16$26.95 1 Ream of Each ColorA03-436.00SAVEWriting Traywith LidFill the tray with sand or cornmeal so childrenJournal/Drawing Bookscan practice makingA special place for self-expression reinforces the letters or numbers.importance of a childs thoughts and feelings. Show the child howYoung children might dictate their stories and then to trace a Sandpaperillustrate them. Older children can both write and Letter or Numeralillustrate. Or the class could tell a group story with and then try todifferent children illustrating the pages. Both of reproduce it in thethese styles include a space for drawing and several tray. A gentle swish of the tray andBooklet Ring Packs lines for children to title the picture, write a story, or the child can write again. Deep sides help contain the sand,Children love to make their own books and thesedescribe a feeling.and the lid prevents accidental spilling when the tray is notplastic rings make it easy. The ends of the rings are in use. Edges extend for easy carrying. Lacquered pine. Fromtapered so they slip easily through holes punched in LORD Company. 13" x 10" overall; 1" deep. paper. The rings allow the pages of the book to lie flat LC12$83.00 when placed on a table. Teachers can also use these rings to bind various control booklets they make. Two sizes: half-inch or one-inch dia. Ages 3+.! CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs. Half-Inch 50 PiecesL738$ 6.95Half-Inch 500 PiecesL73959.00SAVEOne-Inch 50 PiecesL7408.95One-Inch 500 PiecesL74176.00SAVEStory/Drawing BookChildren can draw or color in the blank space, then write a story or describe a feeling on the 4 lines below. Young children can dictate to someone older. Spiral-bound stiff cardboard cover, 30 pages (8" x 11"). Ages 2+.A415$5.95Chalkboards Make a Storywith Display Stand Writing JournalThe lines on these chalkboards are easily26 pages of 6" x 9" seen when displayed in this sturdy slottedjournal paper, with holder. After conditioning the chalkboardsan art area and three (instructions included), they should have anwriting lines. Also excellent writing surface that won\'t becomeincludes title, dedication, glossy with use. Start with writing singleAbout the Author, and letters and numbers on the Blank Chalkboard.About My Story pages The Grid Square will help children perfect(32 pages in all). These writing numbers. Introduce the Base Line foraffordable booklets bring more refined practice with letters, and thenwhole-class writing projects the Extended Line, which helps children learnwithin reach. Staple-bound where ascenders and descenders go. 12" x 9"4 Chalkboards & StandLC16$57.75 with a heavy paper cover.each. The display stand, made of pressboardSet of 4 Chalkboards onlyLC2548.00 EachA413$ 2.50with lacquer finish, has rounded edges. FromBlank Chalkboard only LC1910.50 Set of 10A41422.50SAVELORD Company. i Mini Felt Eraser 3" x 2"L483.0058 Language Development - WritingMontessoriServices.com877-975-3003'