b'Language DevelopmentMontessori perceived the miracle of language development as a treasure prepared in the unconscious, which is then handed over to consciousness, and the child, in full possession of his new power, talks and talks without cessation. Words are the labels for our experiences. A child who has varied experiences and is given the labels for those experiences will develop a well-rounded means of expression. Just as a rich vocabulary is dependent on the childs experience, the transition to reading and writing is dependent on a strong vocabulary. Soon, the child, explorer of the world, will be able to express thoughts and understand and interpret the thoughts of others.Preparation for Reading & WritingA B CLots ofFeelingsDoes she look loving, angry, curious, or maybe even Vocabulary/Reading Cards grumpy? A Laminated Three-Part Photo Cards D E delightful visual These versatile three-part cards engage children with captivatingpresentation introduces the idea of reading facial photos of things they might encounter every day. Use the picture- expressions. Each page is labeled with one word for only cards for vocabulary building and sorting activities. Use allan emotion and shows one large and two smaller three parts with beginning readers: children can read a wordclose-up photos of children experiencing that feeling. label, match it to the picture-only card, then use the control cardA great way for children to build the vocabulary to check their work. 12 subjects, 36 cards in each set. From Maitrineeded to effectively express their own emotions. Learning. Control card with label measures 3" x 4". LaminatedPaperback, 23 pages. Ages 3+. to edge, not beyond. Ages 28. i R103$11.99F GA.TransportationL309 B.Juvenile Farm AnimalsL424C.Adult Farm AnimalsL422D.Dog BreedsL420E.PetsL337F.Around TownL318 G.Around the HouseL303H I J K L H.In the KitchenL307I.Child\'s ToolsV522J.Sports EquipmentL429 K.Orchestral InstrumentsM33 L.Popular Instruments M35 M.WeatherL341N.WildflowersL333O.Garden FlowersL335P.VegetablesL417Q. FruitL413M N O P Q Each$19.9558 Language Development - VocabularyMontessoriServices.com877-975-3003'