b'Music & MovementSometimes called a universal language, music adds a sensory dimension to life like nothing else. Present in some form in all cultures, music reflects the character of a people by the style, melodies, tones, and instruments used. Children have an innate capacity to appreciate music of all types, and an uninhibited inclination to move, dance, and make music. Take advantage of young childrens openness to the world of music by singing every day, by using various instruments or movements, and by introducing the music of other cultures and times.Child-Size Conga DrumStriking a real hand drum brings forth pleasing, resonant tones that vary according to where on the drumhead the hand falls. This authentic instrument will inspire children to play along with a recording or create their own rhythms. With a leather head (7" dia.) stretched over a hardwood body, it comes with an adjustable shoulder strap. Play itDiatonicstanding or rest it on the floor. 15" high. Ages 3+.GlockenspielM135$84.00 You neednt be a musician to create a melody on this elegant, easy-to-play percussion instrument. Children will quickly learn how a lightness of touch producesLift-the-Flap QuestionsLearn the names of Orchestralclear, accurate musical tones! Precision-tuned brass barsand Answers About Music Instruments (M33) & Popularspan one octave of whole notes (C, D, E, F, G, A, B, C) onDid you know that there are 230 strings inside a piano? Instruments (M32) with the diatonic (western) scale. Imported from Sweden. Or that Beethoven was deaf when he composed some of 9" x 5"; includes 2 mallets. Ages 3+.his best work? Tune in to all things musical in this book nomenclature cards on p. 58. M307$79.99that invites readers to explore. Lift the flaps to discover endless facts about musical instruments, world music, experimental sounds, playing music, singing, dancing, composing, and more. Hardcover, 14 pages. Ages 5+.M320$14.99PipedreamPrecision-tuned to the pentatonic scale, this easy-to-play instrument is like a doodle pad for the handsevery note in the five-note pentatonic scale (D, E, G, A, B) forms a pleasant chord when Deluxe Backpack Band struck simultaneously with any other note. The only This handy backpack holds enough instruments for 13skill needed is a light touch! An ideal introduction children. Nine different wooden rhythm instrumentsto musical expression for young children because (from claves and castanets to jingle sticks and ano matter which notes are played, the bright, true tambourine) produce wonderful tones when tapped,tones sound wonderful together. The set includes 2 shaken, clicked, or rubbed. Conveniently packaged inrubber-headed mallets, a wooden base, 8 aluminum a clear zippered backpack (9" x 13"; 3" deep).tubes, and a song sheet with 8 simple songs.Instrument color, material, and style may vary; check20" x 12" overall. Ages 4+.online for current selection. Ages 3+.! CHOKINGM155$97.00HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs. See p. 2. i13 Individual Instruments M224$69.99 Tambourine sold individually online.56 Music & MovementMontessoriServices.com877-975-3003'