b'Language DevelopmentMontessori perceived the miracle of language development as a treasure prepared in the unconscious, which is then handed over to consciousness, and the child, in full possession of his new power, talks and talks without cessation. Words are the labels for our experiences. A child who has varied experiences and is given the labels for those experiences will develop a well-rounded means of expression. Just as a rich vocabulary is dependent on the childs experience, the transition to reading and writing is dependent on a strong vocabulary. Soon, the child, explorer of the world, will be able to express thoughts and understand and interpret the thoughts of others.Preparation for Reading & Writingfire truck fire truck Land Vehicles & CardsPickup truck, motorcycle, fire truckNine vehicles that travel on land or roads. Three-part cards match the 9 vehicles (27 cards in all).L59$33.50 pickup truckall-terrain police carvehicle school busVehicle Miniatures & CardsFor Vocabulary Building, Sorting & Character, object, andBeginning Reading Water Vehicles & Cards setting cards helpframe a story.Children wont be able to resist this work! TheseJet ski, container ship, cruise linerEleven vehicles versatile three-part cards were created to match realisticthat travel on water. Three-part cards match the 11NEW!vehicle miniatures. Introduce a few cards at a time. Thevehicles (33 cards in all). Build-a-Story Cardsyoungest children will love pairing the mini vehicles with the photo cards. Teach the names of each vehicle andL60$33.50Community Helpersadd more as their vocabulary grows.Anyone can tell a story! Embark into the storytelling Primary children (ages 36) can use the three-part cardsworld with cards that inspire action, adventure, for beginning reading. Children can read a word label,and creativity. Each card includes a color-coded match it to the picture-only card, then use the controlillustrationa character, object, or settingto card to check their work. Use all three sets for a land,help inspire scenes, story structure, plot, and more. air, and water sorting activity (download free labels onIncludes 36 wordless coated cardstock cards (4" x 5"), our website). along with 20+ inspiring storytelling games. For 1 or more players. Ages 310. Control card with label measures 3" x 4". LaminatedL529$12.95to edge, not beyond. Miniatures are one solid plastic piece (no moving parts to break off). Sizes range from 1"3". Ages 38.! CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not forAir Vehicles & Cardsunder 3 yrs. See p. 2.Blimp, space shuttle, parachuteTwelve vehiclesWord, words, words! The Firstthat travel in the air. Three-part cards match the 12Picture Dictionary (L25, online)All 3 Sets of Vehicles onlyL62$39.75SAVE vehicles (36 cards in all).will help children fall in loveAll 3 Sets of Cards onlyL6456.75SAVE L61$33.50with language.All 3 Sets of Vehicles & CardsL6695.50SAVE Individual sets of vehicles & cards are available online 56 Language Development - VocabularyMontessoriServices.com877-975-3003'