b'Elementary LanguageThe Deep Well of TimeThe Transformative Power of Storytelling in the ClassroomBring the fun and energy of storytelling to your classroom or home with this comprehensive guide. Gain insights that will help you become an accomplished storyteller, an essential skill for Ox, House, Stick Montessori practitioners. The History of OurEncourage what Maria Alphabet Montessori referred to as the childs great power My First Dictionary This must-have bookof imagination and the child as a force for the 1000 Words, Pictures, and Definitions explores the evolutiondiscovery of truth. Children will be delighted with Early readers will find a picture clue alongside theof the modern Englishyour stories and will come to lessons with new-found definitions for words selected with early readers in mind.alphabet from picture writing (Egyptian, Sinaitic,enthusiasm. Alphabetical listings help children look up and decipherPhoenician) to a true alphabet (Greek, Roman). ItWritten by master Montessori storyteller Michael unfamiliar words. Includes tips for adults and ninepresents the accepted origin of each letter, as wellDorer, this comprehensive book journeys from the as its meaning, shape, and pronunciation over time. dictionary games. Hardcover, 96 pages. Ages 58. Engaging facts enliven the story. Clear graphicsbasics of storytelling to how to create your own L26$15.95 stories. Includes over 40 complete stories matched to compare the letters changing forms and illustratethe Montessori curriculum and materials. Numerous early writing methods and tools. Includes furtherillustrations, diagrams, and charts add to the appeal of resources for adults and children. Paperback, 48this invaluable addition to any Montessorians library. pages. Ages 6+. From Parent Child Press. Paperback, 356 pages.EM77$7.95Bulk pricing online.EM92$24.95 Ruth Hellers World of LanguageA great complement to Montessori grammar lessons,each of these books covers a different part of speechwith language that is clear, whimsical, funny, and thought-provoking. Text is paired with colorful and compelling artwork. Paperback, 48 pages each. Ages 512. i HieroglyphsMerry-Go-Round NounsL630Ancient history comes Many Luscious Lollipops AdjectivesL631to life with this all-in-Kites Sail High VerbsL632one book and stencil Up, Up, and Away AdverbsL633activity. Learn about the Behind the Mask PrepositionsL634lives of the ancient Egyptians and create a secret Fantastic! Wow! and Unreal!code! This rich resource covers a variety of topics Interjections and ConjunctionsL635on Egyptian life, as well as the Rosetta Stone, the Mine, All Mine PronounsL636Book of the Dead, the making of papyrus, and much Each Title$8.95 more. A must-have follow-up to the Montessori Elementary Great Lessons on language and history. Comes with a sturdy plastic stencil (7" x 10") of alphabet hieroglyphs that children can use to write their names or notes to their friends. Paperback, 32 pages. Ages 6+.EM84$7.95Early Story StartersIn a JarThey gradually discovered theI know of a secret door that leads toIf I were wonderful property of writing, a bird, I would. These are just two examples of that it transmits thought." the 101 cards designed to start children on the path to storytelling and creative writing. Young childrenMaria Montessori can recite their responses, and older ones can useThe Discovery of the Child these as springboards for written stories. Packed in a sturdy plastic storage jar, the prompts cover a range of topics, from people and places to animal and fantasy. Instructions and ideas included. Coated cardstock cards measure 2" x 2". Ages 4+.L515$9.95MontessoriServices.com877-975-3003 Language Development - Function of Words65'