b'Level 1 (L779)Sample "puzzle"word cards.UPDATED!Monarch Readers Written by a pair of Montessori teachers, these lovelyLevel 1 (4-8 pp. each)L779Sample spreadbook sets were designed to encourage children in theLevel 2 (8 pp. each)L782 from Level 3 early stages of reading. The 30 decodable books areLevel 3 (8 pp. each)L783 (L783)organized into 5 levels. To increase success, each setLevel 4 (8-12 pp. each)L784 includes a packet of "puzzle" words that can be presentedLevel 5 (12 pp. each)L785 before the child reads the book. Helpful hints for the Each 6 Title Set$30.0 0adult working with the child are included with eachAll Five Sets (30 books in all) L786 $130.00 SAVEbook. From Montessori for All. Ages 3+.Complex WordsMore blends, more sight words, and more complex words. 8 titles, 16-24 pages each.Set 4 Complex WordsL755$17.99Long VowelsShort vowels, consonant blends, and compound 50 titles in all! words, progressing to long vowel sounds and silent e. 8 titles, 16-24 pages each.Bob Books Set 5 Long VowelsL756 $17.99Developed by an early childhood teacher who knew the value of successful experiences in the early stages of reading, Bob Books have been a favorite in classroomsAll 5 Sets of Bob Booksfor years. Known for their subtle humor, simple lineThe complete collection50 titles in all! drawing illustrations, and appealing small size (5" xBeginning Readers (L752), Advancing Beginners 4"), these stories provide a fun challenge for the new(L753), Word Families (L754), Complex Words reader. Simplicity and consistency make these books(L755), and Long Vowels (L756).a dependable way of perfecting mechanical readingL757$89.95skills and increasing comprehension. Each set includes a teaching guide. Ages 48. iBeginning & Advancing ReadersShort vowels and short phonetic words up tothree letters. 12 titles, 12 pages each.Set 1 Beginning ReadersL752$17.99Set 2 Advancing BeginnersL75317.99 Word FamiliesGradual progression beyond short vowels; easy consonant blends begin to expand word concepts. 10 titles, 10-18 pages each.More Bob Books Set 3 Word FamiliesL754$17.99 available online. MontessoriServices.com877-975-3003 Language Development - Book Sets65'