b'Major Phyla of the Animal Kingdom CardsTree of LifeThe Incredible Kingdoms of Life Connected Zoology Photo Cards: Set 1Biodiversity of Life on Earth 3rd Edition, A Teachers Guide From Venus flower basket sponge This dynamic exploration of living things usesto the Tree of Life (Porifera) to the Siberian chipmunk engaging facts and dazzling illustrations to bringThis comprehensive life science resource has been(mammals), the cards in this set taxonomic classification to life. The family treeupdated again to reflect current scientific thinking.represent 11 phyla of the animal organization offers children an accessible structureAuthor Priscilla Spears, Ph.D. explains the exactkingdom. This set is well-organized and for understanding how living things are classifiedchanges and offers simple solutions for adjusting yourcan be used in a variety of classroom and how they are related to one another. A perfectexisting classification card materials and lessons toapplications from demonstrating phyla complement to the Montessori Elementarymatch. Sections for each of the major groups of lifeto Who am I? activities. Includes 48 stunning photo cards and 48 text cards curriculum. Paperback, 40 pages. Ages 6+. lead with a simplified and an advanced version of thatlisting phylum, lineages, actual size, EM89$12.99 groups story. In-depth curriculum for each includeshabitat, feeding mode, diet, and more. presentation guide, experiments, research questions,Includes suggestions for use, teacher pronunciation guides, and further resources. Cut apartinformation, and additional resources. the 9 cardstock sheets (bound into the back of theCoated cards are 5" x 4". From Big In Whose Foot is This?book) to create 68 picture cards with text/definitionsPicture Science. Ages 5+.(SC164, online) childrenon the backs. From Big Picture Science. Spiral-boundEM224$29.95 can attempt to matchpaperback, 188 pages. 96 cards in all!the feet of 14 mammalsEM396$41.95to their images.Animal KingdomChart & Cards Explore the diversity of animal life with this classification chart (A) and the corresponding picture cards (B) that illustrate 42 animals of 11 major phyla. Children can match picture cards (with information on the backs) to the chart. Later, use the phyla description cards (C) with the picture cards to focus on a specific A phylum. Includes the durable, wipe-clean chart (36" x 24"), 42 laminated cardstock cards (2" x 2" after cutting), phyla description cards (4" x 2" after cutting), teacher resources, and lesson suggestions. From In-Print for Children. Ages 6+.EM63$50.00ABB CPlant KingdomChart & Cards This chart, with corresponding picture cards, Plants & Animals Who Am I? organizes the plant kingdom in a straightforward, Who Am I? stories are one of the most popularreadily understood manner. Children can match activities in Montessori Elementary classrooms. First,picture cards (with information on the backs) to the children lay out the picture, label, and descriptionchart. For a different chart configuration, they can sort cards, using the control cards to check themselves.the picture cards under nine category labels. Includes Later, one child reads the description card andthe durable, wipe-clean chart (24" sq.), 19 laminated classmates try to find the corresponding picture cardcardstock picture cards (2" x 2"), 9 label cards and label. Each set includes 10 picture/text card pairs(various sizes after cutting), and teacher resource (20 cards in all), and lesson suggestions. Laminatedpage. From In-Print for cardstock cards are 6" x 4"; cut one set apart toChildren. Ages 6+.make three-part cards. From In-Print for Children.EM76$46.00Ages 58. iA. Plants Who Am I?EM54$24.00B. Animals Who Am I?EM5024.00Plants & Animals (A & B)EM5545.50SAVEMontessoriServices.com877-975-3003 Elementary Biology93'