b'Plastic BoxesA CColored Plastic Boxes We selected these tall rectangular boxes to match the chain colors in the Montessori (Nienhuis) Bead Cabinet. Sold individually; all boxes, except white, are transparent. Specify color: red, green, pink, yellow, light blue, lavender, white (opaque), clear D (brown is not available), dark blue, or gold. E Small 1" sq.; 2" high B510$1.50Medium 1" sq.; 2" highB5301.75 Large 2" sq.; 4" highB1002.99BF Box Set for SquaringChain LabelsClear Plastic BoxesSAVE 10% on case packs. Ideal for the squaring (short) chain labels,Box Set for Cubing When a child can see inside a container, the materials it holds are more alluring. All thethe set includes ten Small Colored PlasticChain Labels clear plastic boxes we offer have unhinged, removable lids. Boxes (B510) in colors to match each chain.Perfect for the cubing (long) chain 10 PiecesB200$14.25SAVE labels, the set includes five Medium A. A good size for bead bars. (224/case)(B530) and five Large (B100) Colored 3" x 2" overall; 1" deep B105 $1.99 Plastic Boxes in colors to match each B. The largest plastic box we carry, these stack well when shelf space is tight. The lid is aschain. deep as the box; open by lifting it straight up, using the side finger slots. (60/case)10 PiecesB300$21.00SAVE6" sq.; 1" deep B107$3.50C. Language cards (3" x 5") fit perfectly in this popular box. (36/case) 5" x 3" overall; 1" deep B106$7.99D. Use this tiny box as a phonetic object or to hold the unit bead for the decimal systemPlease Note: Check boxes carefully, as they may become introduction. (1200/case)! damaged during shipment. We will replace boxes broken in " sq.; " deepB101$ .79transit at no charge. Boxes measured on the interior say deep. E. Perfect for holding or displaying postage stamps, science specimens, counters, orBoxes measured on the exterior say high.beads. (540/case) 1" sq.; " deep B102$ .99Plastic Box AssortmentF. For small collections or cards. (385/case)A broad collection of 48 clear and colored plastic boxes to meet all your 2" sq.; " deepB104$1.79 classroom needs. Youll find boxes to fit language objects and card materials, unit beads, counters, bead bars, science specimens, collections, and more. Unhinged, removable lids.! Set includes: 2 Plastic Boxes (B101)4 Plastic Boxes (B102)Squaring Chain Labels Box Set (B200)6 Plastic Boxes (B106)4 Plastic Boxes (B104)Cubing Chain Labels Box Set (B300) 6 Plastic Boxes (B107)6 Plastic Boxes (B105) GC03$112.50SAVEA CBAcrylic Boxes Acrylic Box 1 can hold labels for reading or cotton swabs for polishing. Box 2 will hold a variety of card sets, including many of the Laughing Star Montessori cards. Shown with World Transportation Cards (C211, p. 87). Box 3 is our largest acrylic box. Shown with Flowering Plant Families (EM403, online). A. Box 1 3" x 1" overall; 1" deepB701$ 5.99B. Box 2 4" x 3" overall; 1" deepB70212.99 C. Box 3 7" x 5" overall; 1" deepB70319.99Hinged Lid Box A secure place to store card materials, yet were sure youll find lots of other uses for it. Made of flexible, durable polypropylene, with an easy open/close latch. Shown with Dog Breeds Vocabulary/Reading Cards (L420, p. 58). 6" x 5" overall; 1" deepB45$5.99 ! WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.MontessoriServices.com877-975-3003 Preparing the Environment - Boxes11'