b'Quilted Checkerboards Children in Montessori Elementary classrooms will love doing multiplication on these unique, quilted mats. Unlike hard surface checkerboards, the beads wont rolla definite advantage! Each handmade matArolls up and ties with a grosgrain ribbon. From GreatBExtensions. Please note: Lessons not included; please refer to your Montessori Elementary training. CMath Equation Cards DThese sets of equations for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and short and long division are designed for children to use with the Montessori Golden Beads or Stamp Game. For each of theThe Golden MatsThe Checkerboard operations, there are static (no carrying or borrowing)This appealing material is a wonderful bridge Use for short and long multiplication of wholeand dynamic equations. Color-coded by operation.between the Stamp Game and the Small Bead numbers (up to 100,000,000). There are 36 squaresFrom Maitri Learning. Cards for addition, subtraction,Frame, providing another path from the concrete in the hierarchical colors of green, blue, and red on aand multiplication are 4" x 2"; short divisionto the abstract! Children manipulate the black background. 28" x 15". (Beads not included.) cards are 8" x 1"; long division cards are 11" x 1".Montessori colored bead bars (not included) to MA175$60.00 Laminated to edge, not beyond. explore addition, multiplication, and subtraction A. Addition 16 equationsMA41and to gain hands-on experience with exchanging B. Subtraction 16 equationsMA43(carrying and borrowing). C. Multiplication 16 equationsMA45These mats reinforce the concept of the hierarchy D. Short Division 14 equationsMA47of numbers. Color-coded embroidery across the E. Long Division 20 equations MA49 top will help children understand place value upEach$13.95to thousands or millions. A five-bar in the units column is five; a six-bar in the tens column is 60; an eight-bar in the hundreds column is 800; a two-bar in the thousands column is 2000. 2,865! Extensive presentations of activities included. Heavy, durable cotton; machine washable. From Azoka Company. Ages 4+. iE Thousands Mat 21" x 9"MA121$32.00Millions Mat 33" x 9"MA12838.00The Decimal Checkerboard Practice addition and subtractionTo facilitate the multiplication of decimals, there arewith Math Dice Jr. (MA123). 49 squares in the hierarchical colors of green, blue,Find it and other fun mathand red for whole numbers and light green, lightgames on our website.blue, and pink for decimal numbers. 23" sq. (Beads not included.)MA177$65.00Fleece Bead Chain MatsNEW!Thousand Chain MatThese durable mats are made of a soft, 100%One continuous piece of woven fabric long enough to lay poly-fleece. They roll up neatly for storage;out the Thousand Chainno seams! So many Montessori secure with the attached elastic band. Machinestudents have only seen the Thousand Chain laid out in a wash and dry. The Hundred Chain Matspiral and have missed the dramatic impact of the length of accommodates the 1-4 cubing chains, as wellthe beads all in a row. This mat may also be used partially as the Hundred Chain and the other squaringunrolled for the other cubing chains. 100% cotton. Hand chains. Children can lay out number tags onwash. 10 meters (31 feet, 10") long x the Number Tag Mat, then pull it along the7" wide. From Azoka Company.side of the chain mat as they count and putNaturalMA215$70.00 out the tags (not included). CharcoalMA21670.00A. Hundred Chain Mat 36" x 9" Shut the Box X702$22.95Roll the dice and start flipping! What a fun and simpleB. Number Tag Mat 20" x 9"Beads not included.way to master addition! Make number combinationsX704$13.95while trying to turn over all the tiles. Vary or simplify the game for younger children by presenting as a counting or symbol-matching activity (one die or two); a single player may play alone to better their lowest score. Includes 2 dice, felt-lined wooden box (10" x 6"), and basic instructions. Ages 4+.! CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs. MA35$15.95 A36" x 9" B20" x 9"MontessoriServices.com877-975-3003 Math Resources67'